Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour...

Are you ready for 'Earth Hour' .... when them folks from all around the world will be switching off their lights sights for an hour sour? World Wrestling Federation (WWF) is doing a lot and you should also join in the fun kya!

Oops.. sorry .. tyo arkai WWF po rahecha... the 'Save Tiger' wallahs... and Nepal should probably get the '1st prize' hola ni... yo 'Save Earth' campaign maa!

We don't even have to wait for 8:30pm to shut them batti satti... we are switching off for 14 hrs a day (ahiley ko laagi 12 thanks to SLC!)... now let us ask them kuires (or be-ka-shit rastra haroo) to go beyond the hour.. lau tuh 14 ghanta batti off garnoos tuh...let's see how long they will last kya!

Baroo WWF lay 'Save Nepal' campaign soo-roo garey hooncha ki... Tiger pani hami sangaw cha.. abuh batti satti pani haami nai ho sabai bhanda badi switch-off garney... heheh!

And hamro pyaro Daktaar saheb .... BRB is in Singapore and no he is not there to eat roti and sabji @ Serangoon Road with some shady foreign agents or 'jpt' organization like Prachandey Dai! No laah... BRB is in Singapura to give them talk salk rey... @ some Uni!

Please somebody remind Baburam Dai that he is a member of the Maoist party kya! Why? Well, Dr. Saheb said "liberal democratic norms, free and fair election, press freedom and freedom of expression, right to education, employment, food security and shelter must be guaranteed in the new constitution" ... rey!

Hahah... so yo sabai guarantee chahi kaslay garney ho.. ani kati barsa ko warranty ho ni? Tyo laptop saptop tuh 1 barsa warranty hooncha hamro KTM ko pasal ma taruh 2-3 mahina ma nai crash bhayo bhaney ... firta hoodainuh... tyestai warranty hola ni!

Abuh.... I must be smoking crack hola! I thought them Maoists wanted a one-party state and kay ko liberal democratic norms... haha! Tyo bhanya kay ho... Prachandey Dai lai sodhnoo parla!

Free and fair election rey... koon duniya ma chau Baburam Dai... Nepal ma sabai gau ghar tiruh ki bandook dekha-yeruh ki badel khua-ye-ruh jitney ho ni! Pahila aroo lay ... yes paali Maobadi lay tar-sa-yo... farak yeti nai tuh ho ni!

Press freedom... my arse... Padam Thakurathi nearly got his head blown off when he did them story on our great gangsters aka 'Bhumigat Giroh' during them panchey days... and even today our journalists are getting hacked to death somewhere in Nepal because they want to tell the real stories... and it doesn't go well with our builders of 'New Nepal' ... so they free the press-wallahs yo sansar batuh!

Education.... our great comrades shut down them schools and campuses so that our students can stay home and use facebook more .... yo pani arko 'Save Earth' campaign nai ho... then we can all likes 'Earth Hour' ko fb page ni! School bus haroo naw-chaley pachi ali ali bhaye pani pollution kum hooncha ni.. heheh!

Ani government colleges ma tuh kay padai hooncha ruh... siddhai exam dinuh gaye hooncha ... baroo sabai college sollege nai banda gardim .... baroo paper saper pani save garoom.. kum rookh katnoo parcha ni! Ekkai choti finals ma matruh paper kharcha garoom naw!

Abuh employment ko koora garda.... afno desh ma kaam chaina... ani kay garney... bhaako ali ali sampati bechey-raw bidesh tiruh jaaney ni... but if you are ABCDs or them union-wallahs then kaam pani garnoo pardai-naw.. basi basi khaam hai!

ABCD rey.. hahah.. apaw-haran-kaaris, byaparis , comrades and Dalals! Abuh... naya Nepal ma yehi nai sika-ye hooncha hamra baccha-bacchi haroo lai!

And if our comrades plan to come up with last year ko jastai 'KTM bandh' part II then please be ready to provide gaas and baas .... food ruh shelter... natraw feri ... Baburam Dai will go to Zimbabwe and then give another speech on ..... ye sorry... Mugabe tuh success story nai ho .. on 'how to ruin your country' maa.. heheh!

Baburam Dai... just open another party .. baroo party ko naam nai 'Nepal Earth Party At Last' (NEPAL) nai rakh-dim ani tapai lay sabai tyo guarantee dinoos ani then maybe we can all celebrate at last!

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