Sunday, March 6, 2011

Maoists are back....

After a month of bitching and whining, our great 'Maoists' have decided to send their players for yet another 'football' team kyaaruh! Team captain, Jhallu-indo now has 3 players from his own club and 4 more 'comrades' from the Maoists!

Madeshis tuh ajhai baaki nai cha hai... and looks like Upendra Yadav will once again be our 'Foreign' minister! And other Madeshi leaders will get their mantra-layas.. tyam to make some moolah for Yadav & Co.!

Bishnu Poudel will have to wait to make some dough as the 'Home' minister .. even though them senior police officers haven't stopped visiting his 'crib' for some bhan-soon! But he will be happy with them 'hydropower' mantra-laya rey! Let's see if Jhallu gives him 'Home' or Dev Gurung gets to do some laathi-chaarge on them 'old school' jackals as he calls them 'UML/Congressi' jackasses!

UML ko side baatuh , Mr. Adhikhari as DPM (Deputy Prime-Monster) and Finance minister... but Poudel and Tuladhar are still waiting for some good 'ministry' to make some dough for both UML and ali ali afoo-lai pani!

Now let's look at our four comrades from Maoist Football Club (MFC) ... Krishna Bahadur Mahara is back again as them 'Information & Communication' mantri and DPM (Deputy Prime -Monster) pani rey!

He had them same mantra-laya when our great Prachandino was them team captain kyaaruh! And according to our sources, Mahara's son made like 10-20 crores from them NTC ko tender sender rey!

So ... good luck Mahara and hope your kid makes few crores again and of course.. you will give some to your party sarty ni or else .. feri Prachandino will kick your arse! But Mahara.. can you give us better mobile reception and high-speed internet access? That's all we need .. aroo sabai paisa jati loot-noo cha loot-noos ... hami lai choo matlab!

And hope you fix them 'phone sone' tapping-sapping thing.. so when you call them 'Chinese businessmen' for them money soney... then we hope them Indian Embassy folks won't be listening to your guff-suff... heheh!

Barshaman Pun will be our 'Peace & Reconstruction' minister. EU and them bideshis are giving us millions of dollars for them so-called 'peace' stuff .. and I guess them new Mao-organization, 'People's Volunteers' will bag all them 'building suilding' contracts for them schools, hospitals and nearly everything else they bombed years ago!

Top (not bottom!) Bahadur Rayamajhi will be doing them 'physical planning & works' rey ... so finally will the Maoists give us 'Melamchi' ko paani ani highway haroo pani naya banney ho ki? And hope Rolpa and Rukum ko harek ghar ghar ma euta toilet soilet tuh hooncha hola ni! Feri Maobadi kai naya organization lay pauney bhayo sabai thekka-patta.. hahah!

Khadga Bahadur Bishwakarma will be our minister for tourism and civil aviation! Hope NAC (No Airlines Corporation) gets like.. 2-3 news planes and Bishwakarma should do more to promote domestic tourism or 'Red' tourism where kuires can dress like a Maobadi, dig a trench, spend a night there on two packets of Wai Wai for like.. $99 a day or something!

And no more bhooka tourists spending $1 for food , $2 for room and $3 for some hashish.. hehe! And them bhooka tourists spend all their money in India and then crash here with ... remaining $50 in their pockets sockets! Yee ni haroo lay khoob Alanis Mori-Seth ko 'hand in my pocket' soonya jasto cha hai!

I think Mao Inc. ko 'paisa' lay nai baroo naya international airlines khol-oom kya... all them foreign airlines are minting money while our NAC will soon be without a plane.. ani baroo bhaako tyo euta plane lai baroo restoorant banai dim naw.. ani 'Airline Restaurant' bhaney-raw sekuwa bechoom-la!

The Maoists ko quota ma '11' mantri haroo.. but as usual, them fighting sighting and they can't decide on the other 7 rey.. so it will take some tyam hola! Prachandino will get 5 rey ani Baidya and BRB will get 3 and 2 aafno manchey in them new mantri mandal rey and one probably from the Masaleys!

So far... Prachandino has 2 and Baidya has 1 and Dr. Saheb has 1 ... aah afno-manchey in them 'football' team... abuh baroo 'gola pratha' nai garoom naw.. kay tyam syam waste gari-raa bhanya!

If Prachandino didn't have his head up his arse then Dr. BRB would be the team captain ni... but yestai ho Nepal ma .... our so-called leaders have big egos and most probably small @#$!.. hahah!

Well, size doesn't matter ni... so why not like go back to them 22-24 kingdoms and give each party their own 'country' to run ni... after all these arse-holes do act like them 'Shree Tin Maharajas' ....

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