Sunday, March 13, 2011

Leave Tourism?

It's good to be them civil servants in 'New' Nepal kyaaruh! The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoTCA) is coming out with this so-called 'new' concept ...'leave tourism' to promote domestic tourism for them civil servants rey!

This is what happens when our civil servants still use them 1960 ko 'english dictionary' kya! Baroo 'tourism leave' bhaney raw hamro chor sarkaari karmachaari lai bida-sida bhaney pani hoonthyo ni!

Hamro civil servants lai motivation cha-hiyo bhaney baroo.. hami sabai milay-raw ek dui laat hanyo bhaney chahi thik thau ma aucha ki? I think Devi Prasad Regmi should go on a 'slapping tour' across the country! For each slap.. we will donate Rs 1,000 ni baroo... tyo paisa lay desh ko bato ghato baw-naam naw .. hoinuh?

100 employees from 'Tourism' and other 10 ministries ko civil servants haroo will be traveling around Nepal rey! Ani yo naya scheme anoosar, an employee can take one family member on this 'trip' ani vehicles and other perks will be given according to their ranks rey!

How come .. we don't get that kind of a 'deal' from our government ni? We are paying for them water, electricity, cell phone bills and we don't get no water, load shedding for 18hrs and you need to be 'in line with the heavens' if you want a better cell phone reception kya!

The ministry has allocated Rs 3 million for this project. And as usual, we the 'taxpayers' will be footing their bill sill ni! We don't have them schools, health posts and what not in them villages... baroo tyo paisa lay euta gau ma kehi bikash gar-naw milcha ki?

It's good to be a sarkaari karmachariz... you get paid for 'ghaam-taaping' and you work from 11 am to 3 pm (2-3 ghanta tuh khaja ruh guff ma nai bitcha ni!), get all them bhatta-satta and now you get to travel fokatey maa well!

Why not send our civil servants to them rural areas and make them work ni baroo.... World Food Programme (WFP) ko work for food bhanya jastai... send our civil servants to Dolpa and only pay their salaries when they come back a year later , after building them schools, health posts and bato ghato kya!

Our netas only worry about them ministries (kaha paisa khaanuh paam!) ... our civil servants worry about their bhatta-satta ani posting sosting and they spend all them office tyam , kissing them netas' arses!

Ani... hami chahi... we are busy coordinating them load shedding schedule with our paani ko schedule.. yeta oota gardai din bitcha... abuh tyehi 'thulo' bhooi-chaalo lai nai parkhim (due any tyam soon rey!)... sabai bhawt-key pachi ... hami sabai ko baroo coordination ali milcha ki?

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