Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here Comes The Volunteers...

Our great 'Maoists' now plan to form another youth organization for revolt sevolt rey! This new organization will work ... "in the sectors of Production, Security and Construction" .. rey!

Wow.. finally.. our great comrades have come up with this new 'PSC' formula for our 'new' Nepal ni!
And the main task of this 'new' organization will be to ... " provide security and services to people"... rey!

And it will be ali farak from the party's other bhaatri sangathans like them YCLs, the union-wallahs and them so-called student unions!

YCL is busy with them 'extortion rackets' and tender-senders! When they first started out, they were busy kicking some local goondas haroo ko arse... then they figured out... why not make them goondas do the dirty work and get more hafta from them instead! Hahah... them communists haroo po baroo pakka capitalists rahe-chan!

And now if you get into them financial disputes.. then you go to them YCLs and kaslai uthau-nay , kaslai pitney .. they do all the hard work and you just pay their 'collection' fees sees ni!

The union-wallahs are busy with them casinos and them so-called 'big industries' ... and the funny thing is that even tyeha pani.. they have 3 idiots ko manchey haroo ma fight-sight!

Shalik Ram Jamarkattel , the main 'union' guy now owns more than 22 ropanies of them land sand in the valley rey! Ani tyo pani... dada kaada ma hoinuh... them 'prime' location socation haroo ma rey! Abuh kay ko math sath garney ni... 1 anna ko 20-30 ko hisaab garnoos ani tuako ma haat rakhnoos ani... jibro baahira nikalnoos ani arko haat pet ma rakhnoos.. ani... heheh!

And he belongs to them 'Prachandey' panel... whereas Mohan Baidya (aka Rambo) and Dr. BRB (aka Geek) ko panel ko manchey haroo aren't happy with Jamarkattel and his 'one-man' show rey!

Abuh Shalik dai should change his name ... how about 'Medellin Cartel' ... or .. oops.. Cartel dai don't do no drugs kyaaruh but I hear.. he likes them dinners from them casinos rey and some bideshi whisky swisky!

Prachandey has his people in all them 'paisa' auney thau .. so as long as them money soney in Prachu dai ko haat.. then kasai ko baat soon-nay wallah chaina abuh either Baidya & BRB band together and give some laat or they both will have to go to them ghaat saat ni feri!

Ani.. them student-unions (led by them 40 year old, non-student leaders.. hahah!) are busy closing down the campuses or thrashing old professors!

And once again, Prachandey dai (smoking crack again!) is going around town and giving them bhaa-suns in them 'Maobaadi' programs and this tyam.. he plans to turn them hotels and factories into barracks rey!

Abuh school lay poo-gay-naw ... Kathmandu ko jagga sabai baroo Prachandey dai ko naam ma naam-saari gardim ho.. ani hami sabai baroo gau tiruh jaam la.. baroo pani saani ani mini-hydro sydro lay batti satti tuh 24 ghanta nai balcha hola ni! Ani Mahabir (Pun) dai lai bhaney raw .. hami kaha pani wi-fi raakhoom la ni!

Sometimes I wonder if he is them 'RAW' saw ko agent say-gent! Close down them schools, factories, hotels and nearly everything else... ani sabai business chahi Desi bhai haroo lay nai khaaney bhayo ni hoinuh ruh!

“They will be vigilant against all types of criminal activity. They will work against robbery, murder, corruption and black markets.”

Ho ruh bhanya? So I guess .. them comrades, busy with them tender senders, rookh kaating, hafta-asooli and all them 'kalo bazaar' nataks will just stop their activities hola ni! Or ... are they planning to get rid of all them other 'gang sang' and just be involved in all 'criminal activities' ni and keep all the loot instead?

Baroo tyeso bhayo bhaney tuh.. hami sabai lai pani sajilo hola ni! All them folks won't have to pay like 17 different outfits ni... baroo ek jana lai 'hafta' bujha-ye poogcha hola ni!

Abuh dekhi.. no more looting them Chinese businessmen, killing 'byaparis' or extorting everyone from them hydro-power wallahs to local chiya pasals? No more getting a 'cut' from all them 'timber simber', 'Yarchagumba' and other smuggling karyakarams!

Now let us talk about this 'new' formula! PSC is going to show them world sworld.. how we ride.. Mao-baadie-eestyle hola ni!

1. Production:

"In the production sector, the youth will be deployed at financial corporations and in social service..."

So now all them banks sanks, finance companies and co-ops will not only have to pay them 'donations' to Mao Inc. but will also have to hire them comrades as well! So if you are getting 15% a year .. byaz syaz from them 'finance' companies then don't be confused if you start getting 8% from next year!

Heheh.. tyes ma pani .. tuh 'Mao tax' laa-goo bhayee halcha ni!

And I think all them NGOs will now have to hire ... like .. at least 5 comrades each hola ni! If you are into 'helping' the needy and the underprivileged .. then make sure them extra laptop, blanket or bricks sricks .. etiyaadi will be donated to them comrades .. after all.. you can't just have them empty barracks without any stuff ni!

2. Construction:

"Under the construction sector .... repair roads, bridges and other physical structures destroyed during the insurgency..."

Yes.. finally our comrades will be doing some 'real' work rather than just them 'Nepal Bandhs' and dancing and singing and having a 'Red Fest' every now and then!

So all them 'desh bikash' ko laagi budget abuh jhan sabai hamrai dai haroo lay pauney ho ki kya ho?

I hope them roads and bridges and them buildings will last long enough for the next fiscal year and the next .. so that they can get them budget sudget every year for maintaining them stuff!

So.. I guess them Nepal police should stop building them police posts haroo.. and let them comrades build them 'new' airports and fast-track ki kay kay bhancha ni... highway sigh-way pani!

Ani tyee pool sool, bato ghato bhawt-kay pani .. kaslai gaali garney.. hahah... just drive, walk or even fly @ your own risk hola ni!

3. Security:

"... will provide security to party leaders wherever they are under threat..."

What? I thought since our 'Nepal Police' are 'Chors'... this new organization would provide us security and what not... but I guess I am wrong again! So ... now Prachandey Dai will not only get them security from the PLA, NA and APF and our 'Chor-Police' but he will get another 100 angry young men ready to kick some arse hola ni!

Even Obama would be like .. 'damn... that's tight .. brother!' .. kati security .. Nepali janta lay chahi kay pauney ho? Ulto 'security tax' bhaney-raw ghar ghar ma bill sill auney hola ni!

Last-a-ma gaw-ye-ruh.. tyehi ho.. they really don't care about us ni! Party maatruh dhani hoonay, neta haroo nai maalaa-maal and hami haroo sangaw chahi chaa-mal kinnuh pani paisa maroo-la! Abuh kay hami chahi dhoonga khaaney ... ani timi haroo maat-raw masoo bhat?

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  1. One of my YCL friends was really upset about the formation of this new wing (ho ki fang ho?)...
    My friend tells me how they had to fight the Youth Force every time there's a tender in the offing.....and don't forget the local gundas (most of them loosely organized by their common espousal to B.P Koirala's ideology of democratic socialism!!)
    And now there's a new group to content with!!