Monday, February 28, 2011

Got Bail?

The Nepal Airlines Corporation(NAC) ko Chairman Saheb... Mr. Kansakar is in jail because he could not afford them bail sail... and the bail pani kay saaro ho .. 60 million Rupees rey... 6 crores!

This is what happens when you get them job sob @ them PEs (Public Enterprises)... if you don't listen to them netas and do what's right for them organization, then you get @#$!ed !

I think we should just close down NAC and let go of them 1,800+ employees as well... we only have ... like one plane slane ... and tyo pani ... it's always canceled and what not! Why don't we sell that 'one' plane we have left ... maybe Sujata Auntie can ask her sin-in-law to help us find them buyer suyer .. .hehe!

It's the same story with NOC, NEA, NTC and all of them so-called 'Sarkaari Corporations'. Then.. we can call it 'No Airlines Corporation' ni... that's right! No Electricty Authority, No Oil Corporation, No Police, No Government.. Abuh tuh desh ko naam nai 'No' ho ki kya ko?

And I don't want to bitch about Sujata Auntie.. but if she ever gets summoned to them court sourt and is found guilty then how much would her baily money be ni? Let us do the math.. them NAC, APC and all other ghotalas sabai jodyo bhaney tuh... probably 600 million Rupees hola ni uha ko bail amount tuh.. hahah!

But that's not going to happen ... our netas and neta-nis are the new 'Shree Tin Maharajas' of Nepal ni! Paras Dai will have to visit them Police station but Rubel Choudhary can stay home and give his bayaan sayaan ni!

And when it comes to them bail money soney ... we have to give it up to our great 'businessman' Kalu Sir (one tyam Hong Kong ma basney dui numberi and now 'real estate' tycoon!) ... when them 'Unity Scam' ko natak was in them news.. he had to pay like 5 crores to get out.. and he managed to bring that much cash in less than two hours rey!

Them 'Unity' folks made like ... 100 million US$ (not Rupees) and majority of them 'poor' folks from our villages took out them loans soans to pay like Rs 15,000 to be a member of them 'Unity' circus and so far .. them 'taukeys' are still out there .. having fun ni!

Nepal ma yestai ho... you fool them 'innocent' people and have fun but at the same tyam.. don't forget to throw them 'loot' around.. give some of them 'chori ko maal' to our politicial parties and everybody will go home happy.. except them hardworking, innocent folks ni!

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