Saturday, February 19, 2011

Democracy Day....

Happy (61st) Democracy Day.... everyone! Heheh... nothing but a big joke ehhh! Wow... it's been 61 years since them 'Ranas' officially left them buildings and we have had our share of 'Shahs' , them Pancheys, 'Koiralas' and now... we have seen them 'Communists' ... abuh what's next?

I didn't know they had them 'free tickets' for our great Canadian hero, Bryan Adams! Well, I wouldn't have gone either way .. had to attend my saathi ko bhai ko 'wedding party' .. and it was fun .. watching them 'old folks' dance to 'Sheila ki Jawani' and 'Zor ka Zhatka' .. hahah!

A friend of mine works in them 'telecom' industry... and he was telling me.. he once offered then Minister of Information Sin-formation, Mr. Shankar Pokharel .. like.. Rs 2 crores rey ! The Minister wanted them money soney before signing them papers rey! Then of course... we have a new government.. so my friend saved Rs 2 crores hola ni!

That's how it is in Nepal. A former Army General once paid Sujata Koirala Rs 5 crores for some work swork. And even before them work started Sujata was out of them 'mantri mandal' ... abuh kaslai paisa maagney? Heheh.. no receipt ni... ani 'under the table' transaction ma abuh kay Supreme Court dhau-ney .. hahah!

Another friend of mine was asked to nicely donate Rs 50 lakhs to them Maoists ... and no .. it didn't happen during them 'insurgency days'... this natak was like six months ago ni! And after he paid off them Maoists.... they congratulated him for helping them and if he needed any favors.. he should not hesitate to give them a call rey! Abuh bhaako sampati sabai looti halyo abuh kay ko favor maagney ni?

I don't like them wedding parties but it's always nice to catch with them 'businessmen' friends and hear their stories! Them folks are surviving... but the government doesn't have any funds.. its only them political parties who are making billions of Rupees.. and why don't they build them highways and collect their own taxes ni.. instead of just wasting them 'chanda' on hawa-taari demonstrations and nautanki 'party training' nataks!

And my NRN friends ask me.. 'Ani Bro... any new business opportunities?' ... and I say 'No, just save your money and do nothing kya' ... because if you start something new and it really picks up then you will have all kinds of folks coming to your office , asking you for them 'donations' and you have no option but to pay or else.. face them 'bhautik karwai' and you are lucky if you only get your arse kicked ni!

This is the 'New Nepal' .... 'Goonda Raj' bhanchan ni! I do have them business ideas but mine won't make any money soney .. hehe! I am seriously thinking of making a 'low-budget' Rajnikanth ko movie sovie ko copy ni!

So.. if you are interested to buy them shares (NRs 1,000 a pop)... do contact me @! Hahah... I hope our so-called 'Kollywood' crowd don't watch them 'Tamil Movies' .. or else I am @#$!ed hola ni! I really want some Nepali 'hero' to kick like 100 arses and dance like 'Prabhu Deva'... haha!

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