Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Follow The Money....

Well, looks like our brother from Maharajgunj is in the news again! Chakre Milan Dai is in jail but his gang sang is still raking in the moolah ni! They were asking for 2 crores from some builder and when he refused... they gave him a discount rey.. 50% but even then he was like.. 'I ain't paying shit!' ...

And then what? They tried to burn a guy, sleeping inside them 'maato khanney' machine .. kay bancha ni .. tyo 'excavator' sexcavator.. I have no idea what 'sexcavator' looks like .. hehe!

So.. to all our brothers, working in them construction sonstruction... don't sleep inside them 'thulo' machine sachine... never know when them goondas come and try to warm up the place kya!

Every day.. we see them 'big' buildings popping out from nowhere! And then there is money to be made.. ni! The local dons will ask for them 'points' ... as in the case of our Chakre gang, it was 15% rey!

But we have to give it to our so-called criminal gangs and them armed outfits and them YCL and Youth Force-wallahs! I think all of them did take them 'Negotiation' and 'Conflict Resolution' courses conducted by our European Union folks hola ni!

Yes, them EU folks are busy throwing away millions of dollars in them so-called 'Peace Building' and what not nataks! And the funny thing is .. them dollars go to them same folks who are busy with them 'piece by piece' looting nataks!

So what happens when them gang sang gets them crores of 'hafta' .. it travels all around Kathmandu Valley rey! Them local police station gets some, then the Metropolitan Police Commissioners get their share and even the YCL get a piece of the pie rey!

Well, Chakre Dai is in them 'Youth Force' but he also has to make them YCL happy because he knows very well that YCLs are very good at 'hit & run' ni feri!

And in them Casinos.. we have so-called 'money lenders' ... folks hanging out to give them 'gamblers' some quick loan for like 100% interest ... and do you know them main investors in this 'Casino Loan' nataks?

Well, it's our own Nepal Police ko senior officers ni! Hahah.. and if the 'gambler' can't pay off them loan soan then he gets picked by them goondas and gets his arse kicked and he can't go to the cops because them cops ... are behind every 'nataunki' nataks ni!

We hear stories about how them local politicians and them police-wallahs are making money in them border areas by collecting them 'pocket money' from them smugglers! Everybody is making money... except us hola ni!

Every tyam .. there is them 'tender sender' for them public projects... we have like 2-3 gangs, armed and hungry and the cops are like just standing outside smoking and drinking doodh-chiya! And no matter who wins them 'contract' , he then has to pay off everyone ani... how can we expect the contractor to build them better roads or bridges or whatever ni?

And all them 'extortion' racketeers are all paying off them political parties and our netas and their chamchas don't care... as long as they make some money ... doesn't matter where it came from.. as long as them 'gift' sift keeps on coming rey!


  1. guffadi, seriously man, I thought you were a girl because the way your write reminds me of a "girl" friend in my college. Not them dating sating janey type ko girl friend but a friend who is a girl kya.

    anyways, I totally enjoyed your take on this. Keep writing :)

  2. @meeng.... thanks!
    hahaha.... .. I need to change my writing sighting .... seriously ... hehe for I am not a girl and.. I am just another grumpy old man ..