Sunday, February 27, 2011

The King's Speech...

No.. I am not talking about Gyanu Uncle's last speech as the 'last King' of Nepal! The movie is about Prince Albert and later King George VI of them British Empire and his 'stammering' and the Australian guy who helped him to speak without bhak-bhaka-ing!

I do hope ... someday ... our Nepali film-makers will also do a movie about our 'House of Shah' and would really want to see the last 24 hours before 'King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev' threw in the towel and finished his last cigarette inside 'Narayanhiti Palace' and said '#$%@ it... I am leaving... for now'.

If only them King's men read some books about them 'British Monarchy' or them 'Pad Thai' monarchy then things would have turned out for better hola ni! I don't know... but today we are not talking about the fall of 'House of Shah' and rise of 'House of Prachandoo' .. today we talk about them British feelim seelim ni!

This movie will probably win a bunch of Oscars.. that's for sure! I think the 'Best Picture' award tuh pakka nai bhayee sakyo! Or we never know .. it might lose like we did when it came to them 'UNGA' ko Presidency ko laagi.. hahah.. Poor Kul Chandra Dai... when the Qataris came to Nepal to ask us to withdraw from that race.. we should have demanded like '100' million dollars and bought a new plane for NAC with it ni!

But we didn't and we lost and Oscar ko award saward ma pani yestai natak hooncha bela bela maa!

The movie is about the man who went on to become a King but along the way... he got some help with his 'stammering' from a failed actor and speech therapist! In the end... a common man helps the 'Raja' .... and the movie is a low-budget flick compared to them 'Hollywood' wallahs!

It was made for under 10 million pounds, and like 10% tuh funded by UK Film Council rey! I hope someday.. we will have our own 'Nepal Film Council' funding our film-makers ni! Right now.. we have them 'Film Development Board' natak.. another playground for our netas and their chamchas!

And Anup Baral is moving to India rey! He has been hired as them 'creative head' for some production company rey! Congrats and good luck ... show them Desis how it's done bhaney ruh! Kay garney... Nepal ma dishoom-dishoom film silm bahek aroo naw-banney bhayo!

And when them Jagga Dalals and Dui-numberis become film producers then who the @#$! gives a @#$! about them story ni! The Dui-numberis just want to go 'legit' and can always recover his losses by doing another 'business' deal seal.. whereas our 'Jagga' Dalals just want them hero-ni ko number sumber and he is all 'dil khoos' rey.. hahah!

Batch #16 is coming out soon... March 4th ma rey! Everybody is talking about this movie. And Nepal ma 'action saction' sells .... and hope this movie will do well! It seems to have the right masala-mix for the masses! And it will be like ... one of the most expensive Kollywood production hola ... @ 1.15 crores!

Now let's do some math... them hall-wallahs take more than 60% of them box office gross (+chiya kharcha pani rey) ... so Batch #16 will have to make at least 3 crores to break even! Lau hai... good luck suck!

I am also seriously thinking about producing and directing a low-budget 'Rajnikanth' -remake .. Nepali eestyle!

I have already thought of them action scenes... like.. A Micro-bus driver wants to run over our hero and he just stops it with his bare hands.. and the Micro-bus is all kachaak-koo-chook! And a hoodlum attacks our hero with some iron rod sod... and since our hero is not armed and is in a vegetable shop... he grabs a moolaa and throws it at the villain and our villain chokes on the moolaa and dies!

Okay.. where are we going? Wanted to talk about 'The King's Speech' .. not much to talk about hola! It's a great movie.... will win them Oscars and has already made like 200+ million dollars! Them Brits do know how to tell them stories hola.... and hope one day our films will make enough money to pay off our foreign debt sebt and win some Oscars as well....

And Geoffrey Rush can play anybody. Some day.. if we ever make a movie about 'Gyanu' Uncle.. we need to get Rush.. don't worry.. he is them actor's actor ki kay bhancha ni. He will probably learn Nepali in 3 weeks, wear them daura-surwal and do them 'Namastey' too!

At the end of the day... let us all be thankful to them 'little' people who have made them so-called 'great' people .... great, by either helping them to overcome their stammer or cook for them or wash their clothes or clean their rooms .. lastuh ma gaw-ye-ruh... we all do our part ni!

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  1. Did watch this movie a while ago. It made me sad for the British monarchy even though I'm fully aware they should be the last people on earth anybody should feel sorry for.