Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji....

Madhur Bhandarkar's chal-chitras are always ... them 'real world' wallah and I was really excited when I heard about his first ever.. Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy rey heheh!) movie ... 'Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji'.

His previous stuff haroo chai: Fashion, Jail, Traffic Signal, Corporate, Page 3 and all-tyam best.. tuh ... 'Chandni Bar' nai ho!

And even if you don't like them Bollywood movies.. Bhandarkar's movies should be in your top 10 list (Bollywood) if you ever decide to throw away your janai and eat Beef Seef! Double Whopper.. yummy ni!

Okay.. let's get back to our movie sovie review! Them movie is about three men .. yes, it's always good to have them 'three musketeers' -type movies .. much easier to make up stuff than just having one guy doing all the work ... hoinuh ruh?

Ajay Devgan, our 'action-hero' during them 90s, now doing 'romantic' nataks is a banker, and getting divorced from his 'TV journalist' wife and what not! A beautiful intern shows up and the story begins... and when it comes to them beautiful hero-nis... in Bollywood, they have to be either Parsis or Christians or both!

Then we have our 'Serial-Kisser' , Emraan Hashmi who made it big by doing them 'Bhatt' movies by showing us all... what a 14 year old horny school boy can do! Hehehe! Hashmi plays ... as he always does.. a playboy and he's a trainer @ them gym sym and likes to give 'special' training to them opposite sex rey!

Hashmi gets to have fun with a former Miss India (movie maa ni!) and them trophy wife of some millionaire rey! C'mon.. them India ma tuh even them MPs are crore-patis... should have been the wife of Ambani or something! Abuh Billions ko khel ma .. millions?

And then he gets ziggy-wiggy with the former Miss India's step-daughter and lau.. what is happening? Hashmi lay tyesto garla ruh? He would have like ... opened his own gyms syms all over Mumbai, funded by the 'Cougar' lady ni baroo!

And our last musketeer chahi, them 'Balatkaar' guy from 3 idiots! He is them guy who has never fallen in love and still waiting for 'Madhuri'-type ladki to sweep him off his feet seet or something like that!

Ajay Devgan goes back to his late baba-amma ko ghar and decides to rent out them rooms... Hashmi and the 'Virgin' guy become them paying guests and the natak begins!

It's a good movie... except for few 'unnecessary' jokes here and there. Bhandarkar should have stuck to his formula.. make it as realistic as possible rather than going for them 'Bollywood' masala ni!

When you have Hashmi in your movie, then you have to make full use of his 'kung fu' skills! I mean.. this is the guy who has ... like .. kissed 173 times in a 120 minutes ko movie ni! So.. every tyam Hasmi is on.. just make him kiss till the screen gets all saliva-fied kya!

Ajay Devgan may try to do his 'comedy' part but he is them 'action' guy ni! So ... make him punch few local goondas here and there. Even in them comedy movies, we need some fight sight.. maybe them Jackie Chan type action-saction!

And the 'Balatkaar' guy from 3 idiots.. is too good to be true! He is getting run over by this woman.. who wants to be a 'Bollywood star' and makes him pay all them drinks dekhi portfolio ko bill sill! C'mon.. if the woman was so 'paisa-sucking' vampire-ni then she would have gotten herself some NRI or local business-wallah ni!

And at the end, them ladies leave our 3 idiots and they are off to Goa... ani Airport ma they meet 3 ladies.. uni haroo sanguh milney and maybe... can then extend it to Part 2 hola .. but the movie did okay business .. so we won't have them sequels like GolMaal and Dhoom and what not!

I give this movie ... C+ because I expected more from Bhandarkar... maybe he should have just had Ajay Devgan and did his two hour story on how Devgan falls in love with a 23 year old and at the end of the day... he realizes that he is just a grumpy old man and will have to spend them rest of his life ... singing bhajan somewhere in Varanasi.. I don't know.. something like that kya!

BTW.. Ajay Devgan is now 'Devgn' rey... as them Bollywood folks and their 'guru-jis' .. so now .. how do we pronounce his last name? Just go with them initials ni baroo.. like .. here comes AD!


  1. गफाडी ले C+ दिएपनि, I've given A+
    It's quite diffrent then bollywood masala movie...ali ali comedy somedy ni chha + romantic chha..serial kisser chha...ani wo blatkar idiot pani chha... sabai vandda ramro tehi blatkar idiot ko part lagyo, lagna chain....and ajay devgun case pani dekhirako hunchha, aafailai ni parchha testo case ta....tyo serial kisser ko chain ali badhi vayo hola :P....and seems so real...

  2. Yes.. its quite different Bollywood masala flick... and I would have given him A taruh then his previous movies like Chandni Bar and Jail and Page 3 and Fashion lay garda.. he fails @ them ROMCOM thing hola ni!