Monday, February 21, 2011

Here We Go Again....

Sushil Koirala, them NC (Nepali Congress) President is walking around with a 22-kg fool-maala around his 'chicken' neck... our New PM Jhallu Baba is busy doing the 'ribbon-cutting' natak @ them Kantipur Publication ko 18th anniversary circus act maa and our great 3 Idiots from the Mao Inc. ... Prachandey, Dr. BRB and Rambo (Mohan Baidya) are doing their share @ them training sraining program in Biratnagar!

Thank God... at least our netas are not like Mayawati from India (maathi ko picture sicture) with her crores ko note-garland.. hahah!

Baroo yo sabai fool-maala ko kharcha lay euta school ko toilet soilet (restroom) bun-thyo ki?

So... this is our so-called netas haroo ko daily routine! Fool-maalas and give them 'hawatari' bha-shuns and make us them fools hola ni!

And once again... it's all about them 'gaadis' ... our great former PM, Makune has refused to hand over them gaadi he got to ride when he was them PM See-Em' rey! And Prachandey did the same thing ... so let us not expect more from these buffoons!

I think it's about tyam.. hami sabai milay-ruh .. we hang outside them netas ghar shar and ask for them 'gaadis' back! And the funny thing is .. our PM's office don't have any vehicles rey!

So.. every tyam there is a new PM, they go around asking them NEA folks to provide new vehicles! And I guess them NEA buy them new vehicles every tyam there is a new 'hydro-power' project sroject hola ni!

So... why don't we just ask NEA to buy like.. 601+ new SUVs from their so-called 'new' projects and give it to all our CA members ni! So .. even if we don't have a government, or a new constitution or no country sountry... them leaders will still have their own 'private' transportation for them 'fool-maala' ceremonies and 'jpt' bha-shuns!

And Sher B. Deuba is still riding them 'NEA' ko gaadi.. why? Last Tyam Sheroo was PM, Gyanu Uncle was 'Vishnu' , Prachandey was eating 'Daal Makhaani' in Delhi ... abuh yo 'Republic' ma pani Deuba lai gaadi?

Our netas have already made enough dough to last them saat pusta hola ni.. why do they still want to get them 'free rides' kya? Laaz Sharam Maroo-laa... I think we should all pitch in and give these arse-holes... like... them drum srum of 'Petrol or Diesel' so that NOC ko loss ali ali bhaye pani ghat-cha ki.. hahah!

And our so-called mantris are right kya! If our PM and them great leaders are busy looting then why not them mantri santris... and if our mantris are having fun then why not them sarkaari hakims?

And if our sarkaari hakims are having fun then why not them 'Section Officers' and .. then it goes all the way down to the 'Peon Seon' ni!

So... lastuh ma gayer-uh tuh hami janta nai ho... dookhaw pauney tuh! Abuh kaslay nai janta ko laagi bhaney-raw kaam gari-raachan ruh?

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