Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bye Bye Bryan!

So what can we learn from them 'Bryan' Dai ko concert?

1. Them Desis and Kuireys can teach us a thing or two about them 'sound & stage' nataks! Hope our 'Nepali' event management companies can do the same for our 'Nepali' concerts ni!

2. 60+ CCTVs rey .. ani 5,000+ Cops... I hope our Nepal Police learned them stuff about security etiyaadi hola ni! So... hope our so-called Police Commissioners will now have them brain srain to install them CCTVs in all them electric poles all around the Valley ... and if 5,000 Cops are out on them street every day and night then Kathmandu Valley will be a lot safer for all of us hola ni!

3. I hope someday our 'Nepali' stars will be able to charge as much as Bryan Dai did ... and we would like pay $$$ to watch them perform hola! But of course... when you only charge Rs 100 and let everybody enter the venue with water bottles, rocks and scissors and papers then them artists will get some of it as well ni! So .. jack up the ticket price and you will have less daang doong hoinuh tuh?

4. I have nothing against Bryan Dai... (used to listen to them songs back in them 90s) but can we stop saying stuff like.. 'Now, we are part of them civilized world sworld' or 'Now, all them international stars will perform here and will be a great boost soost to our economy and show the world that there is no trouble in Little Kathmandu' ... and 'We are as modern as Modern-Talking and look at my Loo-e-voo-toon byag syag' or something like that!

Yes, Bryan Dai came, sang and left... good for him and good for all them friends who enjoyed it but please... if somebody doesn't like Bryan Dai and doesn't want to watch his concert and want to bitch about it .. then nothing to be pissed off at!

97.2% of all them people I know in Kathmandu Valley .. were there and they had fun rey.. but 2.8% sent me SMS like... 'bitch all you can .. bitch!' .. first of all, I am not your bitch and I will now tell your wives that them ladies you hang out with .. during them Friday nights are not fellow bankers but your 'other' women kya!

Ani hay-room nuh kasari ghar jaanchas saaley haroo! Them Joans of Arcs will roast your balls and feed it to your dog sog ni!

5. And I was just curious about them 'lucky banker' ... Ms. Singh! Lucky 'random' pick or pre-selected pahila nai.. hahah! But what would have happened .. if Bryan Dai had picked some woman and she had never heard of him ni! Like.. he keeps on singing and she doesn't know what to do.. she does them 'Hip Hop' grind srind moves.. hahah!

But Bryan Dai... why only women kya? I think them 'Nepali' men would have done a great job as well hola taruh .. then it would look like 'Blue Diamond' is sponsoring some 'Duet' contest .. heheh! With due respect to them '3rd Rock' Wallahs.... didn't mean to offend them feri!

Anyways.. can't keep on making fun of 'Bryan' Dai... forever.. will have to go back to 'jpt' guff tomorrow... but I am still pissed @ them organizers for not inviting 'Sabin Rai' to perform ..... Sabin Rai is the greatest Rock-Star ... he makes them ladies go crazy rey.. heheh!

Why should I be pissed off ni.. never wanted to go .. didn't go (even though my banker friends from BOK wanted to give me them '6k' ko pass sass!) ... I should have taken it and sold it black slack ma for like 3K ... and then have like 2 plates of Vyar Vyar Mo:Mo for the next 50 days .. hahaha!

But of course.. it's one of a kind experience for folks who have never been to them 'kuirey pop star' concert .. and I can understand! But if them 'Hip-Hop' / Rap Sap-wallahs ever come to KTM.. then don't waste your money!

Even if Snoop Dog or Eminem show up here for some 'LIVE' naatak .. tyes ma tuh they sound worse than them donkeys but I really want 'Jack Black' to visit Kathmandu and do some 'geet seet' .. I don't know... but if he only does one or two song from the 'School of Rock' .. I bet I can sell like 25,000 tickets especially to my cousins and cousin-nis ... who really like Black!

Abuh pricing ma chahi.. I would go for like.. 2,000.00 for them football ground ma and 1,000 for them cementi-wallahs! Okay.. let's get ready.. invite Jack Black and hope we can raise some money for them schools in them villages!

I wish them organizers did set aside some money for them needy people ni! After all we all have our gau sau .. somewhere in them Hills and Terai and it's always good to give back to where we really came from.. or where your ba , bajey or bajey ko bajai came from .. ni!

Well, if you were here in Kathmandu since them 16th century then ... them Kathmandu is your village ni.. go clean Bagmati, renovate them temple semple and squares etiyaadi!

So.. what say you? For hard-core 'Jack Black' fans.. Tenacious D will rock you and for others.. we will even give you them Rs 30 ko 'School of Rock' DVD as you enter them stadium.. and don't worry.. you can throw them water bottles @ Jack.. he doesn't mind rey.. hahah!


  1. omg please don't tell me you are the other Jack Black fan in Nepal!

    Let's organize a concert. LET'S LET'S!!!!!!!!!!

    he is the ultimate bestest. entertaining like hell. and ACTUALLY a really good singer (which was a huge shock for me but he's got voice like liquid gold!)

  2. Heheh... I think we can do this @ Tundikhel... ticket price around Rs 500.00 each but you get ek maana badaam and one soontala! ANd of course.. Jack Black will personally sign everybody's autograph pani! Now.. we need to call Jack!

  3. Haha. I will buy ten tickets. Sprawl on the grass if there is any ghaas left tundikhel ma. And make him sign my bhudi too.

  4. lets make this possible !! ma pani janchu black bro ko concert herna !! feri jack bro le concert ma tei school of rock ko fuchcha fuchchi lyayo bhane ta k kaam lagyo ta ??