Saturday, February 26, 2011

Climb Every Mountain.....

Our great civil servants are now planning to climb Everest rey! Good job guys.... them folks do need some exercise ni! I guess it does get boring going to them same office and doing the same work swork day in and day out!

Our so-called government offices open @ 10am but majority of them great civil servants show up an hour later kyaaruh and by 3 , no work gets done because they are all ready to go home rey! Now, our 15 sarkaari karmachaaris will be climbing Everest to show us that they are also physically fit sit ki ... khoi kay ko natak ho yo?

And them expedition ko kharcha is around Rs 3 crores rey! And who is footing the bill? As always, it's us .. the 'poor' taxpayers ni! I think we should have the 'Everest' clause in our new constitution!

What? Like.. if you want to be the Prime-Monster then you will have to climb Everest first... or something like that.. I think Baburam could do it! And since Kamal Thapa is a big-tyam fitness freak.. he could also finish the 'Everest' race hola!

Maybe they can do them joint expedition hola ni.. a little bit of Left and a little bit of Right.... we better find someone who follows them middle path or something like that or else.. we are doomed forever hola!

And our great President is having fun in Kuwait with them military parades and what not! Hope he gets some medal sedal from the Sheiks ... something like 'El-Amir Great Wanderer of the East' title sitle!

What the @$#! is he doing in Kuwait? Them Kuwaitis even sent them private plane for our Prezzi rey! I think it's about tyam... our President had his own 'Air Force One' like Obama!
We could give him one of them NAC ko old twin-otters .. heheh! Or maybe he just want some tyam off.. before the 'President's Rule' begins!

what's up with our netas visiting them schools in Lalitpur ko gau sau and using them helicopters? So VIP ki... they can't even walk for like an hour hola ni!

First ... it was our Lalitpur ka CA member, Mr. Barsha Man Pun! He used to be them Mao-Army ko commander and probably walked for like 18 hours non-stop during them 'Rambo' days hola! And just recently, our CA Chairman, Mr. NameBang attended them 50th anniversary of some school in Lalitpur ko koon chai ho gau!

He flew in from Kathmandu... hahah! What we need is them roads soads .. not them netas and their helicopter-rides and them same speech 'We are working on it..' whenever they are asked about how this 'constitution' writing thing is going bhaney ruh!

Yestai ho... spend our money like it's your bau ko dhukuti ni! Kuirey lay bhanchan ni.. 'Make them Hay say while them Sun Shines' ... the sun is shining on them netas while the rest of us are caught in the middle of them freaking tornado sornado! After all.. our netas haroo pani tuh bichara hami jastai tuh ho ni!

Netas wanna have fun and they should.... maybe them 'Bryan Adams' organizers should ask 'Cyndi Lauper' to visit Nepal and sing us a song or two. I think she will charge less... and I am sure we will have 20,000+ folks rocking and them tickets sickets pani ali affordable hooncha hola ni!

Now.. we have less than 90 days to go and our politicians aren't worried at all. So-called 'peace' talks in Cambodia is canceled. Thanks... hamro paisa tuh ali kati bhaye pani bachyo ni! Our netas seem to love them foreign lands too much! I guess.. they need them foreign hands in foreign lands to straighten things out hola ni!

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  1. hamro tax collection teti ramro chha ra 3 karod jamma huna lai? tyo ta aid money hola!!!