Friday, February 25, 2011

Migrant Workers...

Libya is burning... and so is them Bahrain, Yemen and looks like them 'so-called' great rulers will either have to pack up their bags and leave or give some discounts hola ni... so if bread is 1 Dinar then , buy 1 get 1 free offer diney ho ki?

And our fuel prices will go up since them 'Oily' nations are burning surning.. and I hear them Micro-Bus ko fare sare might jump 40-50% or more rey! So if you are paying NRs 14 from Lagankhel to Ratnapark .. then please be prepared for them Rs 20 per trip!

And our great government is preparing to rescue our men (and women pani hola) from Libya rey! Well, we only have a Prime-Monster for now.. so I guess he will be like one of them Millions of Hindu God or Goddesses with them 30 different hands sands ni!

Well, we are a secular nation now (our former Home-Minister Kamal Thapa doesn't know it yet!) but even them communists still do them puja suja and wear them tika sika ... so I guess.. it's safe to say ... may Lord Pashupatinath save them migrant workers in them Arab lands!

And the funny thing is that ... them workers were sent to Libya by our #1 manpower agency, SOS Manpower rey! When a company is named after a distress signal.. then you have to be careful hoinuh ruh? I don't know.. maybe it was named after three partners named Shyam, Om and Sanjeev hola ni!

SOS sent like 5,000+ folks to them foreign lands last year. And a year before that .. they sent like 10,000 folks rey! Now let's do the math ni.. 5,000 x 1 lakhs (sasto maa!) then that's like 50 crores!

They paid like 4.5 million Rupees in taxes and that's like not even 1% of what they made ni! I have no idea how our corporate taxes work but I am pretty sure they spent nearly 20% (10 crores) or more on them so-called donations, or extortion or political contribution... depends on whom you ask ni!

And then them 'rich' manpower sahujis get into them 'Newspaper' and TV business ni (kay bhanchan ni ... media sedia!) Ali ali diversify tuh garnai paryo ni, hoinuh ruh?

And we have to thank our government for opening them 108 countries as labor destinations for our migrant workers! So far, our men and women have found work only in them 35 countries rey!

And even though we still get them 'No Go Iraq' stamped on our passports, our brave men and women still go there kyaaruh! And what's up with our Ministry of Labor Sabor arse-holes?

You can also go to Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia rey .. if you want too and do what... I don't know... maybe if you have them training at being them pirates sirates then you can join a 'Somalian' company which deals with 'ships haroo ma daang doong' nataks hola ni!

Or if you don't have them experience, then watch them 'Pirates of the Caribbean' hola ni!

We are exporting them unskilled labor and our folks are getting exploited not only by our manpower agencies but them so-called contractors in them foreign lands as well!

My sister's nanny ko boyfriend is in Saudi Arabia. It's been four months and he has been working 12 hours a day and he doesn't know when he's going to get paid rey! They promised him 8 hours work per day and like NRs 15,000 a month! He paid Rs 76,340.33 to go to the promised land... kay garney Nepal ma uha lay 5,000 bhanda badi talab pauney kaam paa-ye-nuh!

But he did win them 1 lakh from them 'Coke' ko 'bumper upahar'.. and I did tell him.. 'Man, you are a lucky bastard (in a good way!) and I think if he was here.. he would be dialing them '9090' for them NCell ko 'bumper' prizes! He would have won a bike sike hola ahiley samma! Usko samjhana ma mailey pani '9090' khoob haani raachoo .. hahah!

I do hope he comes back with something when his so-called contract is over! But yestai ho hai.. New Nepal ma! While them netas and their chamchas are riding in them SUVs and busy in them jagga ko plotting slotting business... our young folks are selling their land sand or taking them loans soans and going to them foreign lands so that they can make a little more money than here ni!

I think they would get a little better treatment, pay and facilities if they knew them language well and our government should make sure that them manpower agencies do teach our folks them 'desh ko bhasa' before sending them kya!

Wishful thinking ki kay bhanchan ni... our government can't even touch them Micro-Bus Wallahs or our Vegetable-wallahs .. bus fares go up every quarter, vegetable prices ko tuh koora nai naw-garoom... why the hell do we need a government if they can't do anything for the people... hoinuh ruh?

So.. I guess we should learn from them people in Libya... tyeha ko koon chahi sahar ho... public lay aafai kabja garyo rey and they are running themselves rey! Abuh yesari nai aaf-no commuity aa-fai cha-lau ho daju-bhai didi-bahini haroo!


  1. well for once we don't have to complain about a'jumbo cabinet' kaso? ani by the way anagram of guffadi resembles the name of the libiyan lead

  2. hahah... nice one Khumba.... now I need to write up on our funny man from Libya pani.. kunai din.. and yes.. for now.. we are at least saving some of our taxpayers money with only Jhallu Baba as our team captain but then we are back to them jumbo cabinet BS ni!

  3. Very Nice --- Guffadi can you shot me an email at ad-at-xnepali-dot-com