Thursday, February 24, 2011

Express Service...

We have to thank our Ministry of Foreign Affairs for them MRPs (Machine Readable Passports) .. now we are a part of them 'civilized world' kyaaruh! No more funny looks from them 'immigration' folks at them airports all around the world!

And we have to thank them organizers for bringing Bryan Adams to Kathmandu and now we are a part of them 'make some $$$ for them foreign artists' world ni! And thank you ... to our Nepali Rock-Stars and them band sand for performing for free or not being able to perform and not complaining about being asked to sit behind them stage and doing it all .. voluntarily without getting paid a cent!

I think all of you know by now that the new 'pissing' ground for our great men of Nepal .. .chahi them Ministry of Foreign Affairs ko wall swall nai ho! The Royal Soyal Palace is the new 'Zoo' ... and if you pay Rs 5,000 then you will have to wait a month but if you want them 'Express Service' then you have to cough up another 5,000 more rey!

Nothing wrong with charging us for them 'premium' service hola ni but if it only benefits them hakim sahebs at them 'Passport Section' and whoever them 'foreign' mantri is .. then what good is it .. hoinuh ruh?

And our great Supreme Court has now given them go ahead to PADT to sell tickets for 'quick access' to Pashupatinath main shrine rey .. and no it's not them short form of them Pad-Thai stuff ni feri!

And why does PADT [Pashupati Area Development Trust] want to sell them tickets (priced @ NRs 1,000)? It will help them old and disabled folks and even Indians rey... because it's quite hard for them to stand in line during them festivals rey! Oh! Shivaratri is coming... tyam for them Indians and the 'Grass-Club' members to hang out @ Pashupati ni!

I think instead of charging them 'Bryan Adams' ko concert ticket ko price jastai.. our old and disabled folks should get quicker access for FREE.. hoinuh ruh? And what about them Indians... well, with all due respect to the Desis and yes, we all love Bipasha Basu and Salman's sister-in-law .. but they are the new 'Superpower' duperpower hoinuh ruh.. Charge them like IRs 1,000 ni baroo!

And wouldn't it be great if we also had them 'Express Service' @ NEA, NTC and NOC and nearly every other so-called government offices! Well, we already do kyaaruh! Heheh.. it's called 'chiya kharcha' ni!

But seriously.... if we paid like Rs 20,000 a month.. then can we get like 24hrs electricty and maybe faster Youtube uploads if we paid like Rs 5,000 and maybe extra Rs 20 for each litre of petrol for them 'Express Service' instead of buying it with a 50% markup in them black market?

Heheh... at the end of the day, all them 'Express Service' fees will go into them greasy pockets of our great civil servants and them minister for this and that ni!

Hope one day... we can also have them 'Express Service' for our new constitution hola ni! Why don't we all get together and pitch in Rs 1,000 and collect ... like.. 3,000 crores and make them big-arse 'note-garland' and do a fool-maala ceremony for our great netas and their chamchas!

And then what? Hope they get the hell out of our country and live like them 'Maharajas' in India ni and let us all live in peace baroo!

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