Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Land of the Fraud....

Well.. Rubel sarkar is not hiding behind Sujata auntie's saari waari rey.... he was in Chitwan to give his safai @ the DAO (District Administration Office) and then it was Paras dai ko turn rey.... I think Rubel must have called his people to call Paras Dai ko people and coordinate their 'appearance schedule' hola ni!

It's like.. when our President visits them Pashupatinath Temple and an hour later Gyanu uncle will do his 'special appearance' ... everything is about timing.. hoinuh ruh? I guess our so-called leaders just don't get this timing thing right hola ... they don't know when to leave... at least Gyanu Uncle got his timing right ... when he finally left the Narayanhiti Palace ni!

And talking about Narayanhiti Palace.. the place is getting trashed left and right... I think it would be better if we moved our 'national zoo' to Narayanhiti ... and maybe leave them animals out and put them 'great' litterers inside them cages sages ni! Sabai 'Real Juice' , chips sips ko khol sole sabai faaldai hidchan vitra tuh.. kay taal ko ho?

And let's continue with Rubel ... he saw them gun sun in Paras Dai ko haat ma but he didn't witness the firing siring rey... abuh kay ho .. sabai 'House of Shah' ko bandook 'accidental discharge' hoonay hola ni!

We don't really need to go around town looking for them chor sor, scam artists haroo ... when our CA members are minting money by doing a 'cut & paste' on their 'Diplomatic' passport sassport! So.. if you want to visit them civilized nations then just pay them dalals 15-20 lakhs and they will give you a 'Red' passport. Stick your 'fair and hensum or lovely' anoohar and fly to the promised land sand kya!

Ani... once you are there... just FedEx that thing home so the CA member can have his or her passport back and 10-15 lakh sakh in the bank ni! Ali Ali tuh dalal lai pani commission dinoo paryo ni hoinuh? Kasto laaz naw-bhaako... afnai desh ko bay-zawt garcha yaar! Tyestai ho.. maukka ma chaukka han-oom bhanya holan tuh!

And now .... the folks who brought you Bryan Adams ... are happy to announce that Kailash Kher will be their second act sact! Okay... but please don't invite our Nepali singers and make them sit on them chiso cementi and then cancel their gana sana half-way through.. kya!

Errr.. sorry.. I thought it was going to take place @ our national stadium... Soaltee Hotel ma po rahecha.. you pay 5K and you get to have them dinner sinner and listen to Kailash rey! I think I will just go to Tamas and listen to our 'Nepali' Kailash Kher and maybe save some money.. heheh!

I think .. baroo Rs 500 garey-raw feri Rangasaala bhar-ney ki? Ani you don't need them khatara sound-system or security for Kailesh ni... just get a stool and some guitar sitar.. baro 'unplugged' bhaney-raw show garey hooncha ni.. heheh!

I think the event-wallahs can do us all a favor by inviting them Chinese circus folks next... I hear they are amazing .. and we all have to practice them balancing act kya... be like out netas ni! A little bit of Chinese , a little bit of Indian and add some 'kuirey' ... bhaako ali ali paisa pani abuh bideshi lay laaney bhayo!

Ganesh Thapa, ANFA President is very happy sappy rey! Gorkha Brewery will give ANFA 1 crore a year rey .. lau badhai cha.. now them ANFA officials can party sarty! National league seague hoonay hoinuh .. yetti kai paisa kumlaa-chan... and I hope our footballers will receive them free cases of Gorkha Beer seer hola ni.. and they can go back to kung-fu fighting again.. hahah!

The PLA Chief (not ours.. them Chinese kya!) will be here... aajuh rey! Since our netas can't agree on them integration sin-tegration stuff.. and thousands of young men join them Indian Army sarmy... it wouldn't be that bad if we send our PLA combatants to China and maybe they can form their own separate unit ki kay ho.. over there ni!

They will probably learn how to use them chopsticks, speak Mandarin and also learn some kung-fu as well! I have no idea what I am trying to get at... but every tyam them Chinese visit Kathmandu .... our Desis get all nervous kya! Rakesh Sood... have some chicken fly-lice and do some tai-chi .. myan!

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