Saturday, March 5, 2011

RIP Kishunji...

Krishna Prasad Bhattarai aka Kishunji aka 'The Umbrella Man" aka 'Lover-Boy' aka 'Paan-wallah' is no more! We don't know much about BP and we know GM as the 'one who didn't want to be the Prime-Monster!' .. and now with KP gone.. the 'Congressi' chapter is closed forever!

Today's Congressis are nothing but bunch of jackasses! BP wrote stories, GM could still kick arse when he was 80 and our beloved Kishunji could still come up with funny one-liners till a week ago!

He may be a saint for some, statesman for some but I will only know KP as the man with the 'funny Desi accent', his 'black teeth' (Vanarasi paan ... rocks!) and his umbrella!

And our netas should a learn a thing or two from KP! First, never get married! Second, chew 'paan' and laastuh ma chahi... let it go! If you don't get married, then you probably won't have kids .. then you don't have to make your son 'computer operator' like our Prachandey dai!

If you chew 'paan' then you won't be spitting 'venom' every tyam you are invited to some function! And why was our great Chairman attending them 'Wrestling' thing... khaas kaam chaina hai hamro neta haroo ko? Or maybe them organizers did donate some '$$$' to the party fund hola ni!

And don't worry if your friends back-stab you and you lose them election selection and what not! Life goes on ni.... KP was played by our great GP but he never carried a grudge and even though them 'Rajas' never treated him well.. he was still a 'Yes, we do need a King.. myan' kind of guy!

Krishna Prasad Bhattarai was our interim Prime Minister (not a Prime-Monster like nowadays!) and I was just starting to listen to GNR .. haha! He promised us that he would live to be 100 and them 'Melamchi ko paani' as well! He was short by 14 years and I think we will finally get them 'water swater' from Melamchi in 2025 hola ni when we celebrate his '100th' b'day bash!

When KP became the Prime-Minister for the second tyam... he only had his umbrella, a spitting pot and Ms. Kapali and when he left Baluwatar.. he didn't leave with them 'gaadis' like our Prachandey and Makune Dais!

I think we need to add this new clause in our so-called 'new' constitution as well! Only 'Bachelors' will be allowed to be our mantris and pradhan-mantris! Well, let's see... I only see Rajesh Hamal.. haha!

There we go.. Rajesh Hamal .. .we need a real Hero kya! Please save us... if you can bitch-slap them goondas then you can do it in real-life as well!

And you have a Masters degree in Angrezi.. so when them Desi reporters ask you them funny questions.. you can hit back in English instead of Hindi like our netas seem to do ... now ... the question of the day is ... who is Rajesh dai ko Ms. Kapali?

Anyways.. it's a sad day for all of us ... we will miss you KP ... there will be no one like you again... unless Rajesh Dai joins politics and starts chewing paan... hola!

p.s. Diamond Shumsher Rana is also in heaven now! We have to thank him for them 'Rana' novels .. if it wasn't for him.. we would never really know them stories ni! Nothing lasts forever.. the 'Rana' saashun didn't and the 'Hawa-taari' Mao-Saashun will not either! So Rajesh Hamal.. do some kamaal myan!

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