Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Gangsters....

Nagarik News... recently did a story about our Kathmandu ko Don Son haroo! Ganesh Lama ranks #1 in terms of '$$$' kyaaruh! He is worth ... like 50 crores rey! Then Deepak dai from Thamel ko 20 crores rey and Milan Chakrey dai from Maharajgunj ko net worth .. around 10-15 crores rey!

Today.. let's talk about our so-called gangsters ni! Ganesh Lama from Kavre ... started out as Deepak dai's chamcha ... but usko buddhi nikkai thulo bhaye-ko lay.. he branched out! Today, he is into 'Roda-Gitti' ... aka construction business and is also an 'A' class thekey-daar rey!

Tyo 'naya' bato cha ni.. Kathmandu dekhi Bhaktapur jaaney.. sabai thekka-patta Ganesh dai ko nai ho!

Deepak and Milan are like ... Bloods & Crips .. (Amriki-style) haha! But when it comes to them 'dimaag' .. then Deepak dai ko IQ is like 40% more than Chakrey dai rey! Chakrey was in the news recently.. his men were trying to burn some poor guy .. sleeping inside them excavator because them housing company refused to pay him like 2 croroes rey!

And don't ever think about opening them 'night club' aka 'fight club' in Thamel.. Deepak dai will ask for 20% stake and monthly hafta.. and then you won't even realize when your investment went kaput and the whole club nai Deepak dai ko naam ma .. haha!

Both Deepak and Chakrey bro belong to them UML party kyaaruh. Yes, once in a while .. when them UML do their convention sonvention natak then both goondas and their chamchas run around their ilaa-kaaz .. extorting dineros from the local businesses!

Ganesh dai is busy paying off them Maoists so he's also a comrade now! Yestai ho .. hamro Nepal ko goonda haroo ko kahani!

So.. even if you become them Kathmandu ko SP or go crazy and want to clean up your neighborhood.. then not much will happen because them goondas are making money from them construction, parking, bato-ghato contracts etiyaadi and nobody wants some 'Gandhi' to show up and screw up their party sarty ni!

I think Ram Gopal Varma is running out of ideas ... he should come to Kollywood and do us a favor by ... hanging out with our local Dons and then make 'Nepali Mobster' feelims! Babal nai hoonthyo ni!

The other day... I was visiting my tole ko bhai haroo ... who were eating daal-bhat in Jawlakhel ko police station! They were busy fighting during them 'Friday' night and got busted by our cops rey! So.. as a tole-baasi... I visited them to find out when they were going to get released for doing the 'drunken master' kung-fu circus act! Tole baasi ko naata lay ... Nepal ma ... ki chahi mar-da (when you die!) ki chai jail ma parda .. chahi bhela hoo-noo parcha kya!

Then.. our former minister, Shanker Pokharel (UML) and Lalitpur ko local don son haroo show up in a SUV. Nepal ma feri... you don't need them FBI or CIA or RAW SAW to figure out the story ni! Everyone talks and nobody knows how to keep their mouth shut... very easy for our so-called 'guptachar' folks!

Lalitpur ko local don, Min Krishna Shrestha (also Nepal Sports Council ko treasurer and right-hand man for our former 'Tourism' minister, Sharad Singh Bhandari) and Biren (late Rakesh Limbu (Kumariparti) ko gang ko chamcha!) and now a big-tyam businessman (hehe!) was visiting them Lalitpur SP... Bikram Thapa!

SP saheb lay tyo tipper sipper bhancha ni (Baluwa saluwa boknay truck sruck!) 4-5 wata tuh sabai police station ma po raakhey cha! Ani he was not letting go rey so our local dons had to bring our former Minister for Information and Communications ... for them 'political pressure' so that the SP would release them tipper sipper rey!

Hamro neta haroo ko naw tuh laaz sharam cha na tuh moral soral nai ... pachi SP sanguh koora milayo rey ani ... 5-6 lakh ma chootiyo rey truck sruck tuh!

Although SP Thapa likes to drink and drive (so don't be going crazy in Lalitpur @ 2am in the morning) .. you might get SP Saheb ko kick sick ni! But he's also doing a pretty good job ... trying to prevent them local dons sons from having fun rey!

Lastuh ma gaye-raw tuh... paisa ko koora ho... SP Saheb lay pani boojhnoo bhayee halchi ni.. hahah!

And when it comes to making money... it doesn't matter if you belong to the 'other' party... sabai mili-juli khaam hai!

Since our Maoists have now started their new organization.. 'People's volunteers'... hope they do something about our local gangsters... feri uni haroo pani Maobadi party join garyo bhaney.. koorai khattam.. sabai don ruh neta haroo maala-maal.... now where the @#$! is Rajesh Hamal?

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