Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Business...

Finally, our Supreme Court has decided to convict Mr. Wagle, former minister for ghoos-khaa-ing rey! Nepal ko kanoon yestai ho... it took 8 years for our great judges to figure out that Chiranjibi Wagle is a ghoos-khori!

I feel sorry for Wagle (ki duniya!) ... Govinda Raj Joshi, the #1 ghoos-khori and Khum Bahadur Khadka (both former home ministers!) and them other Congressi clowns were given clean chit shit kyaaruh! And what about them Shree Tin, Shree Paanch, mandaleys and so-called democracy-wallahs ni?

I guess Wagle should have asked his PA to do them dealings ni... instead of buying up properties and what not in his son's name! Baroo afnai driver srvier ko naam ma jagga kiney hoon-thyo ki? He should learn from Khum Bahadur... how to steal and get away with it bhaney-ruh!

Sujata Koirala made billions and she is still driving around town, drinking and dancing with her Marwari boyfriend! Good for her... she is the only person living the 'Nepali' dream ... hola ni! If it weren't for GP, she would still be in Germany, dancing and drinking @ them Oktoberfest hola... haha!

Yestai taal ho bhaney.. maybe Sujata auntie and our other so-called great leaders will finally be convicted in 2020 hola! Khoi... Wagle is a small crook compared to all them other clowns ... jastai ... he's a paket-maar kya!

And according to my sources, the Maoists want their manchey to be the next Chief of CIAA (Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority ) ani Khum Bahadur Khadka lai kar-wai garney rey! Khum-ey is the same guy who ran away to India when his goons killed them comrades during them CA election kyaaruh!

And the Maoist would love to whack Khumey but since they are no longer in them jungle sungle.. they want to go the 'legal' way rey kya!

Our netas and civil servants wouldn't get richer if it weren't for our big business houses ni! Amrika ma .. political contribution etiyaadi hooncha... Nepal ma chahi... siddhai ghoos lay chalcha ni! Haatti ruh Haatti Chaap Chappal bhanya jastai ho ... hehe!

I hope someday... we will have them law saw.. political parties will have to report their income/contributions etiyaati... wait a minute... we do kyaaruh.. but who gives a @#$! eh?

Our tax officials are busy working instead of just drinking them chiya and ghaam-taaping! Hamro sabai big business houses haroo lay VAT SAT chaley-ra kaam gari-raakho po rahecha! Heheh.. nothing new... why the hell are we suprised?

And fake VAT bills lay naw-poogey-ruh .. ulto VAT SAT refund pani rey! Lau hai... sabai mili chor-oom! Our dailies had them story about some funny auditor who made off with like 11 crores ... from the fake VAT refund stuff! This guy needs to be awarded Gorkha Dakshin Bahu 1st class hola!

Oops.. I forgot... we are a Republic now but NRB (Nepal Rastra Bank) has decided that them 'King' notes is okay rey! So... don't worry about going to Rastra Bank with a bora of Rupees to exchange for them new ones! Yes-ma pani hamro 'mafia' lay pressure diye jasto cha .. heheh!

The CIAA asked NRB to do it the 'right' way rey! Tyo bhanya khoi kay ho .. thaha bhaye-naw... patrika ma notice sotice diyeruh , ali tyam syam dinoo parney tuh ho kyaaruh! I think they should also ask our traffic police to do the same for them 'digital' plates... yetti-kai hawa taal ma kar-wai garchan yee mora haroo!

Well, them fake VAT bills haroo ko karobar .. chahi more than 10 billion Rupees rey... and our tax officials are not disclosing them 'naam saam' .... because we have them privacy act sact rey. I didn't know that... this is probably the only country where them chors have privacy hola ni!

And if our tax officials are so gung-ho to do the right thing then they should also start taxing our political parties pani. Sabai big business houses ko donation (extortion!) haroo pani income tax bhaney-raw tax garey hooncha ni!

Abuh yes-ma pani Supreme Court lay kahiley fai-sala garney ho? 2020 ma nai tuh hola ni..... and talking about them weather sweather... don't forget to carry your umbrella tomorrow... because it's going to rain sain rey!

p.s. RIP Nate Dogg... we will miss you more than we will miss our so-called netas when they choke on their ghoos-money and drop dead kyaaruh!

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