Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's Make a Deal....

Our dailies report that them big three idiots haroo ko trade unions have agreed for a cease-fire rey and will NOT close down them factory-sactory for another 4 years rey! Ho ruh... bhanya? April Fools' Day tuh aunoo baaki nai cha kya!

And who the @#$! comes up with this number sumber... 4 years ... yesterday our so-called government declared 'energy crisis' for the next 4 years... and come May 28th... will our great CA members extend their paychecks for another 4 years?... hahah!

Or will we even have a country left... in the next 4 years?..... khoi ... yestai taal ho bhaney tuh Naubise jaanaw pani visa lagaunoo parcha koonai din!

Ani... khoosi ko khabar .. National Football League (NFL) not the Amriki one ni feri.. hamro Nepal ko kya.. will kick off on April 27th rey! Lau hai badhai cha.. abuh kati din samma ko laagi ho... May 28 pachi feri arko 4 years lai postpone hoonay hola ni... hahah!

SLC exam segjam chali raacha... ani Dhanusha ma chahi 44 examinees, guards and guardians were arrested rey..... what's happening myan? Yo '4' chahi nikkai lucky number jasto cha ni 'New Nepal' ma... heheh.. abuh we should ban them students for another 4 years hola ni !

I can understand .. some students have no option but to cheat seat because they were busy watching them cricket sricket hola ni ! But what's wrong with them parents kya? Chora chori ladoo (not them sweets!) bhayo bhan-dai maa chor-naw hausala diney kya!

Kunai thau ma question paper saper nai leak seak, kunai thau ma guard saurd haroo lay nai 'guide book' diney rey... yestai ho... 40 barsa agaadi pani yestai hoonthyo ... ahiley pani tyestai nai cha! Baburam Dai chahi pawdey-ruh pass bhaako... Kamal Thapa Dai chahi choray ruh... abuh tapai nai bhan-noos... dui jana nai mantri bhaye ... hahaha!

400,000+ students are sitting for them SLC exams.... 40% will fail sail... ani fail bhaye-ruh kay bho tuh ... feri try garney ni... look at our so-called leaders... euta prime-monster chaan-naw tuh kati try kati try.. hahah!

Sheryl Swoopes is 40 today.... Happy B'day SS... who? Hahah... I used to be them WNBA fan many years ago and she was the bomb... myaan!

Ani... since '4' is the number of the day .. I will probably eat 4 plates of vyar vyar mo:mo @ 4:44pm ... hahah!.. taw-ruh Chinese, Korean, Japani (CKJ) culture sulture ma chahi feri '4' is very very unlucky number ni feri!

If you ever hang out with them CKJ-wallahs then never mention this number hai... feri babaal hola ni! Jay hos... kehi chaina .. abuh 4 barsa ma hamro udhyog-pati, udhyog ruh majdoor haroo lay nikkai pragati garla jasto cha hai... ki 4 barsa pachi sabai swa-haa hoonay ho... hahah!

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