Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sick City....

Nepal Police gets OT (over-tyam) bhatta from them Chinese Embassy kyaaruh! Every tyam... them Tibetans protest srotest ... our men in blue are there in full force! We should ask our police (chor) to stop laathi-charging them monks and protestors! It doesn't look good kya... Richard Gere might not visit Kathmandu again and we lose them 'kuire tourists' rey...

Jhallu Baba may not bag the 'greatest' prime-monster ever award saw-ward ... but he can do us all a favor if he brings them new regulation segulation 'police reform' see-form natak.... we are not asking for much... but why are our police-wallah treating us like shit and always using them foul languages... yeti maatrai reform garey pani Jhallu will win our hearts kya!

And isn't it funny... we the taxpayers foot their salaries and all we get is ... them gaalis, laathis and hafta-asoolis... from our great police-wallahs? It's about tyam... them EU folks pump some more Euros to our so-called 'peace-building' nataks and maybe teach our police-chors .. how to treat us like human beings instead of calling us names and only looking for ways to extort from folks who go to them police stations for some help selp kya!

And our great chimeki, the dumpling gang will be happy if we just trouble them Tibetan refugees. Everybody gets paid.. from our police-wallahs to Home ministry hakims to Foreign ministry... sabai lay bhatta paucha ni! I guess them Chinese arses are softer (ani more kiss-able!) than Desis hola ni.. hahah!

His Holiness Dalai Lama no longer wants to be the 'political guru' rey... so now the Tibetans are voting for their new government-in-exile.. .and (no!) thanks to our Nepal police.. they couldn't vote sote.. due to pro-active policing (I have no idea what that means but hamro Nepal police lay bhaneko!), tight security and khoi kay kay hawa-taari nataks from our great police force!

And our netas ... may fight sight with each other but they always kiss them Chinese arses and boast about how they prevent them Tibetans ... from using the country's soil against its chimekis! I guess. that guy , Hrithik Roshan wishes he was Chinese hola ni.. hahah!

And where in the world .. is Rubel Choudhary? Former Crown Prince, Paras Dai is pissed at them security folks rey.... he is not happy that he gets no 'free security' from them NA, APF and police-chors... harey.. Paras Dai... abuh kay fokatey ko security ni.. you have the dough to have your own 'armed' personnel ... baroo 100+ personal guards liyeruh ghoomay bhayee halyo ni!

Anyways.. Rubel, the current Crown Prince.. hahah.. is beyond hamro police ko reach seach rey... ho ruh? Paras Dai will probably get his bail money back because Rubel is hiding somewhere rey! Is he in Bangladesh , London ... ki Sujata auntie ko ghar vitrai 'poker soker' kheli raah hola ni?

Our police-wallahs brag about how they are stopping Tibetan refugees from creating trouble srouble in our land ... but I guess they have no problem when it comes to Bangladeshi crooks making billions and stealing from us hola ni..... yestai ho .. jasko shakti uskai bhakti!

I guess them 'English'-wallahs are teaching us a thing or two. We hired a 'British' football coach to teach our national team ... how to play them football sootball.. and now we have another 'British' guy teaching us how to make them movies kya!

Yes, 'Sick City' is out and it's only 75 minutes but it's a different kind of feelim rey! No gaana saana rey! Lau hai... heard a lot about 'Batch No. 16' ... hope they get their 1.15 crores ko investment back.. and I will be going to them film hall sall to watch 'Sick City' ... hope our film-wallahs will learn a thing or two from the kuireys!

What is.....? That you can make a movie for peanuts... and make sure you hire a kuirey because then you can get away with a lot of things... hahah... I hear 'Goodbye Kathmandu' ko folks got into trouble ... no ... not that 'pistol' kaan-daw in Thamel... but everywhere they go .. for them shooting... local goondas just come and ask for donations rey!

But.. we have to give it up for the kuirey.. and hope our so-called 'new generation' ko film-makers haroo learn a thing or two from him... kya! You make movies because you want to tell a story... your eestyle ni! And stop making them excuses... and blame them producers and what not... if you can't tell your story then don't sell out ni... baroo sell your farm, house souse and make your story... and even if you die broke.. you will be happy sappy kya!

Hahah.... no .... everybody is bragging about their film silm... wah kasto raamro kicheko .. kasto ramro background music.. who gives a @#$!... dude or dude-ni .. where is your @#$!ing story... kya? ... Batch No. 16 .. hehe... angrezi kinuh bolnay ... and abuh kohi daakoo paye-naw.. Mexican Don Nepal ma kay khanoo auney ni... burrito surrito.. hahah!

Nepali feelim ko title sitle pani kay kay hooncha.. euta hall ma 'Mr. Gangato' (Crab) laagi raacha.. hahah! Abuh koon din.. Mr. Kukhura, Mr. Chey-paaro pani laagcha hola ni!

Next tyam... feelim banau-noo paryo bhaney ... just get like 2-3 kuires and let them do the dealing sealing... paisa pani dinoo paradaina.. baroo ulto local goonda haroo pani feelim seelim ma acting pani gari-dinchan ni! Jay bhaye pani... do we need a kuire to teach us how to tell a story, play football or even ... how to run this country?

Khoi.. ahiley samma tuh .. it looks like it... hope someday ... we will have our own stories to tell, play our own kind of football and our leaders will get their act together and run this country .. Nepali eestyle .. instead of running to foreign lands and asking them bideshis for help selp!