Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Brother.....

We have the world's tallest mountain and the world's shortest man and I think we should also be proud of our (world's lamest) civil servants!

Every tyam... our great sarkaari hakims sit down with them Indian counterparts, they always fall down! No, it's not because they are drunk srunk ... they go to them meetings totally unprepared while them Desi bhais just bulldoze them because.. they come all prepared with idli-dosas and papadam and what not.. haha!

Well.. them Indians are smart but it's not like our hakim-sahebs are only matric-pass ni! Sabai jana TU baatuh Masters sasters ani kay kay scholarship ma bidesh gaye-raw padya pani chan ni... khoi buddhi suddhi kaha gayo koon-ni?

Don't worry... our civil servants have not sold our country to the Desis... tyo tuh hamro neta haroo ko kaam ho!

Our dailies report that we will be gradually eliminating them ARF for Indian agro-products saw-ducts rey! What is this ARF? I thought it was... 'Amost Ready (to) Fly' ... like our NAC ko jahiley pani cancel sancel hoonay plane slane.. heheh!

ARF bhaney ko 'Agricultural Reforms Fee' rey... so once we get rid of it, them Indian agro-products will be flooding our markets rey! I may be wrong (I am always wrong!) but Indian haroo pani nautanki nai ho kyaaruh!

Kahiley 'no export' to Nepal bhaney raw.. pyazz (onions) ko vow 70-80 Rs purai-dinchan.. ani kahiley chahi.. 'laa kin' bhaney ruh.. 25 Rs ma jhaar-dinchan! Laas-tuh ma gaw-ye-ruh hamrai Nepali farmers haroo ko talu ma aloo fall-ney bhayo ni!

And them Indians want us to sign them 'BIPA' rey! What the hell is this BIPA stuff? And why do them Indians... want us to join hands with them folks from 'Bangladesh Institute of Performing Arts'.... hahah!

Okay.. let's get serious abuh tuh! Our Desi bhais want us to sign them 'Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement' rey! Why? Because Dabur Nepal wants to sell more 'Real Juice'.. with or without them 'expirty dates' .. haha! Rajesh Hamal, our super-star lay pani kasto tyam ma 'Brand Ambassador' bann-aw poogay cha!

United Telecom wants to sell us 'call India for free' deals hola... but then you have to buy 'ek bora Desi pyazz' with that hola ni!

Ani... them Indian hydropower projects are going nowhere rey (they will pay for it, build the dam sam, kay kay cha-hiney ho and sabai thikka bhaye pachi ... they will use it' deal ho ni feri!) Hami janta ko ghar ma abuh 'Solar' tuki bahek aroo koonai bikalpa chaina!

Desi haroo lay invest gareko project sroject haroo ma labor sabor problem bhayo rey.. ghaata bhayo rey! Hahah... khoi kasley garda ho koon-ni?

And it's all because of ... I don't know... our great 'comrades' .. not hard to figure that one out! Our great 'Nepal' government can't even protect them aafnai janta ko investment .. abuh jhan Desi bhai ko.. tuh taada ko koora ho kya!

So if the Indian government wants to protect them 'Desi' investments then just pay off our comrades ni .. that's what we Nepalis have been doing for the last 10 years .. hoinuh ruh? And if they get paid on tyam.. then they won't be waving them 'black flags' at them Desi Ambassador, Rakesh bhai-shaab ni!

And at the end of the day... the problem lies in us! We wake up every twenty years.. do the 'macarena' or whatever dance move is in vogue and then go back to sleep kyaaruh .. and we just complain till we practice another dance move soove.. and get ready to Rumba Zumba again!

Our netas are happy to blame others but is because of them and our 'lamest' civil servants ... that we, the hardworking folks of this great nation are barely surviving while they suck us dry!

Ani tyeti lay poogay-naw yee bajiya haroo lai.. they go all around the world and make fools of themselves... and make us all look bad ni!

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