Friday, March 18, 2011

No Country for Old Men....

Our netas need to get some fresh air now and then rey ... and every tyam they get a chance pe dance... they fly to them foreign lands!

Our great Madeshi leaders are now hanging out in New Delhi because they want some 'Desi' chaat saat hola ni! Hope they get some 'samosas' @ 10 Janpath.. hahah... feri Sonia auntie lay 'pasta sasta' dey-laan ni!

We have to thank our great netas for chasing away our youth to them foreign lands while them bideshi universities, contractors and aroo dalals make billions ... ani yee mora mori haroo chahi tourist bhaye-raw ghoomi raa-chan!

Hami chahi loan soan, ghar shar bechey-raw jaaney yee-ni haroo chahi 'Diplomatic' passport hallau-dai ghoom-fir garney, waa kya mazza!

Hamro future tuh Girija Babu lay khattam garyo, hamro bhai bahini haroo ko chahi Prachandoo lay khattam garyo abuh hamro bhanja bhaanji ko bha-bee-sya chahi kaslay khattam paarney ho?

The Desis seem to love them 'M&Ms' kyaaruh... 1951 dekhi ahiley samma.. they seem to be in bed with everyone... from monarchy to morons (congressi) to maobadi to madeshi leaders... sabai lai joker banau cha hai pan-wallah haroo lay!

And our great Chairman Pao (Pra Chan Da) is eating them durians in Singapore! Abuh kaslai bhet-naw gaako go koon-ni? Feri tyehi usual 'dumpling' gang lai tuh hola ni ... ki both dumpling ruh dosa khaaney dau ma ho?

Baroo ... Chairman Pao should walk around, take them MRT .. instead of sitting down with them 'foreign' wallahs @ them hotel rooms kya! Go ... met Lee Kuan Yew and learn a thing or two about them 'caning' stuff ani fine sine haroo ko baarey... and how to make your sons 'Brigadier Generals' ani pachi prime-monster ruh aroo 'thulo' post sost maa .. hahah!

Yetti kai chora lai computer operator bana-yeruh hooncha, baroo PLA ko Commander banaako bhaye pachi kaam laag-thyo ki?

And talking about 'caning' ... we should put this in our new constitution... 'tyre-burning jackasses and extortion racket-wallahs, kidnappers, murderers, cheli-beti bechney, goonda-gardi ruh loot-paat garney, andolan ko bela ma pole sole dhaal-ney, bato ghato bigarney, dhoonga mooda garney sabai lai 100 choti cane sane haanney...'

Ani protest srotest garda baroo BBQ garney, dance party garney ruh ramailo joke soke bhanney lai chahi .. 100 choti taali .. hahah!

Kishunji promised us that .. Nepal lai Singapore banai dinchoo... abuh he is gone.. so Chairman Pao ... baroo yeso ghoom-noos ani siknoos... how one man can change his country sountry bhaney ruh! Nepal lai North Korea naw-banaam feri tapai ko naam pani Pao baatuh Pim(p) rakhnoo parla hehe!

Ani hami Nepali haroo ko kati fursat ho? Cricket pani hare-naw bhya-ko cha, ani sabai internet hoaxes, junk e-mails pani pawdya cha... a good friend of mine called me ... ek mahina agaadi ko koora ho... 'Ye, facebook tuh abuh March 15 dekhi tuh bandha rey...'

Abuh kasari samjhau uslai.. baro Nepal Bandha hola taruh facebook kahiley pani bandha hoodai-nuh! Marky mark is worth billions (dollar ma!) and unless he joined them Ramdev baba ko group sroup.. he wouldn't close down shop and leave ni... that's like saying .. Chairman Pao is resigning and leaving for some forest sorest to be a jogi.. he's worth billions (Rupees ma bhaye pani.. hehe!)

I have no idea what I am trying to say but... was going back home from office saw-fish .. ani Micro ma euta auntie was like.... 'Ye, ani chora chori lai tuition naw-pathau-noo.. 24 ghanta samma ghar ma basnoo parcha rey..'

Rajnikanth (ki usko copycat ho!) asked.. 'Didi, kay bhayo baccha haroo ... biraami?'

'Hoinuh .. tyo nuclear suclear kay bhaacha ni ... paani purr-naw lagyo abuh tyo Nepal ma pani aucha rey kya'

How come.. I am the last person to read or hear about 'jpt' news? I should start watching more TV, listen to them radio stations, re-activate my facebook account and hang out more often @ them local chiya pasal ... I miss them 'guffs'... hehe!

Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Japan and hope everything will be okay but Japani haroo afno desh choderuh tuh gaako chaina ni... ani Kathmandu baasi haroo chahi kay bhaako?

But if we are lucky bhanney ki unlucky... to witness them Indo-Pak nuclear war someday... then we better run not for them hills sills baroo... just climb Mt. Everest... heard from a local jogi that if you are on top of Mt. Everest.. tyo nuclear radiation afaai freeze sreeze hooncha rey..!

Ani we have to give it up for our President of 'Rip-off-the-public' of Nepal ... no more tinted glass-slass in his vehicles rey.. he would like to wave at them pissed-off jantas while they play 'freeze' ... when his entourage is cruising around Kathmandu during them rush hour-sour rey ..

Lau have a good friday... bholi Holi ho... hope our 'People's Volunteers' do some kaar-wai when them jackasses hit our naaris with them lolas.. baroo afoo afoo khel-noo ni... neta haroo jastai aroo lai maatruh dookhaw diney kaam garchan hamra jackasses haroo!

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