Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good for Nothing....

It's good to be a CA member... you can cheat and beat the system kya! Our great CA member, Kiran Kumari Ray should be honored with the best 'SLC candidate' award for 2011 hola! She didn't feel like sitting for them exams so she sent her daughter and somebody found out... but no arrest, no expulsion... kya mazza!

If you are a CA member then you can do anything you want ni! Yes, sell your passports, slap them civil servants, get them bhatta satta and do nothing... mora mori haroo .. sabai janaa good for nothing kya!

UML (Unidentified Moronic Losers) is a hawa-taari communist party! Well.. all them Nepali communists are jpt anyways! And them UML CA members are a funny bunch.... either they are busy extorting or cheating ... or if you are Bishnu Poudel, the defense minister then you are thinking of how to get them military shar-samaan so that you can make some money on the side... hahah!

Sabai janaa hami jasto kaha ho ruh... happy with chicken noodle soup wit a soda on da side .. ki kay bhancha ni!

Let's get back to them SLC nataks! The Superintendent of them exam centre has been suspended rey... but our CA member will neither be suspended from her party (UML) nor will she be arrested... most us already suffer from high blood pressure but our civil servants suffer from political pressure rey!

And talking about them political pressure, Secretary of the Finance Ministry, Mr. Rameshwor Khanal has resigned rey! Why? Mr. Khanal wanted to take them action saction against them big businesses for evading taxes worth billions .. and all them fake VAT bills nataks but our great Finance minister... again another UML donkey, was giving Mr. Khanal a wedgie rey!

Not all Khanals suck .. hahah! Another Khanal is our prime-monster.. and all he does is attend them fokatey ko karyakarams! I think our prime-monster and the President ko title sitle change garey-raw... 'Chief Guest I' and 'Chief Guest II' bhaney-raw rakhnoo parla!

The Battle of Kashmir begins today... Sonia Gandhi and family will be sipping Campa-Cola (ahiley samma cha ki chaina.. haha!) and Indo-Pak prime-monsters will be drinking mango lassi .. .while they watch them Cricket World Cup ko semi-final match! Security is very tight sight rey!

And talking about security.... Rakesh Sood is not that famous as Bryan Adams... Bryan had like 5,000 police-wallahs for security when he came to Kathmandu to sing and ring in some dollars!

Ambassador Sood only gets 1,000 when he goes on them trips outside the Valley... you know ... the Desis are building them schools, bridges and what not kya!

Baburam Dai is right kya.. beggars can't be choosers and our netas are good at begging segging... so if you really want to wave them black flags @ them foreign rajdoots (not the bike ni feri!) then say no to them 'foreign aid said' nataks ni!

10 barsa India ma sookha-roti khay-eruh basyo Prachoonda Dai and gang .. at least be a thankful to them Desis.. hami tuh basey nau ni! So.. we really don't have to meet them RAW agents now and then and kiss their arses ni... hahah!

Ani.. hami lai chai khoi security.. heheh... try calling '100' sometimes hamro Nepal Police lai... I did ... if you tell them 'there is a drunk outside your house singing 'Hindi' songs'.. them police-wallahs will show up after 10 minutes... if you tell them your house is on fire or your are being robbed ... they will probably show up after two hours!

So.. the best thing to do is .. call them up and say 'I am a CA member and I want a cup of tea' .. bhannaw napauddai .. them Nepal Police will be in your house .. hahah... political pressure works ... kya!

Ani... hamro great comrades are busy waving them black flags wherever Sood pops up in them remote areas... hahah! C'mon comrades... drink some whisky, wave some Desi flag because we all know that no matter how much Prachoonda bitches about 'Indian interference' and gets his cadres to do the '@#$! India' dance ... at the end of the day.... Prachoonda likes them Dosas more than we do!

Baroo tyo New Zealand ko Maori dance sance garey hooncha ni.. kay bhancha 'haka saka' and Pampha Bhusal and Hisila Didi can do the 'Waka Waka' .. nice combo platter heheh... even Sood would shit his pants hola.... black flags ain't gonna scare Sooda-man anytime soon!

And while bombs are going off in them public buses.. our great Home Ministry has requested all armed outfits not to harm civilians rey! What the @#$! is wrong with our 'Home' officials? This ain't no MTV ko 'Total Request Live' bull-shit kya! Or Nepal ma chahi Kantipur Calling ki kay cha ni! Sorry... it's called 'Call Kantipur' kyaaruh!

There are two kinds of armed outfits in Terai....rey! Criminal and political rey... haha.. yo aajuh ko naya joke hola ni! Haatti ruh Haatti Chaap Chapal jastai ho kya! And our so-called government will not talk with them criminals shri-min-alls but will try to have some guff suff with them political-wallahs rey!

Nepal ma yestai ho.... our politicians act like criminals and all them criminals act like politicians... sorry.. our politicians are criminals ni... sorry... all criminals will be politicians someday ni... sorry.. I am confused!

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