Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cricket Diplomacy...

Does sports play an important role in diplomacy? Khoi malai kay tha-ha... during the 70s, them Amriki and Chinese had their game of 'ping-pong' (table tennis for folks who don't play beer-pong...hehe!) and it helped to re-establish them U.S.-Sino relations rey!

And now them Desi media are going ga-ga (without Lady Gaga) over them PM 'Singh is king' ko invitation to them Pakistani Prezzie and prime-monster to watch the Indo-Pak cricket match. And they are calling it 'Cricket Diplomacy' ... kati nai bholi nai uni haroo sangai Holi khel-la jasto ani 'Bhai Bhai' geet gaucha hola ni!

It's going to be crazy... betting setting tuh bhayee halcha ni! And if the Desis lose.. then the Pakistanis will have to play them final game in Mumbai! Heheh... and you know them Shiva Sena wackos... they are the 'Hindu' talibans.. they won't let them Pakistanis set foot in Mumbai rey!

I think this is the right tyam to settle all them issues kya! Whoever wins ... gets to eat Kashmiri Gosht (eklai lay!) or something like that... I don't know... I think they should baroo band together and invade England hola ... lastuh ma tyehi Angrez kai natak tuh ho ni... jaha gaye pani 'divide and rule' policy ... heheh!

Abuh hamro neta haroo ko kura garoom! What kind of diplomacy will be required to make our netas get their act together? Well, so far only them ICs, Yuans, Amriki dollars and Euros seem to be working for our so-called leaders!

Sabai neta haroo moto-ghato nai dekhin-chan.... chillo ani rato pani... how about them tug-o-war baroo... ho ni... Rangasala ma nai garoom naw! First match chahi.. Madeshi netas vs Congressis ... second match chai Maobadis vs Rajabadis ani UML sangaw ko bhid-nay.. heheh uni haroo ko afnai dui-ta team cha.. afai bhidey-ruh bascha ni!

Ye.. sorry... Maobadi ruh Rajabadi are now on the same team kyaaruh... so I guess they can play against UML ... and then winners will get to the finals and whoever wins gets the contract to loot, boot and shoot for the next 5 years kya!

Looks like... Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra will be visiting Kathmandu soon shake their stuff and make some moolah! And it will really help 'Visit Nepal' natak as well... tyehi event-wallah lay bhaneko! Khoi... holan tuh ... hamro paisa liyeruh jaa-naw ko laagi ... uni haro lay Nepal visit gar-nai paryo ni!

Them Indians visit Nepal for .... three reasons! They want to go to Pashupatinath, or play some black-jack @ them casinos or head to Central jail and shoot them so-called ISI agents who happen to be Nepali media tycoons... heheh!

Ani ... the funny thing is that paisa feri sabai Desi bhai haroo ko haat maa.. hahah.. them Pashupatinath Temple ma .. we have them Indian pujaris (and they get their 'cut' ) ... and until a year ago, Rakesh Wadhwa (Desi man!) was busy making crores from the casinos and them Desi gangsters in Nepali jails continue their 'extortion' rackets targeting Nepali businessmen.... thanks to our great Nepal police kyaaruh!

And according to some survey conducted by some Amriki organization, 50% of Nepali folks feel safe rey! Ho ruh... do you feel safe? I guess them people who were asked to participate in this survey natak .... 50% of them must have been.. hamro neta haroo ko chamchas and nata-gota... heheh!


  1. cricket world cup khub maja bhairachha, highlights matra here pani!!!

  2. "And according to some survey conducted by some Amriki organization" - you really do your research, are you a reporter? ;)

  3. Guffadi reads his share of papers alright... I had seen an article in myrepublica yesterday talking about a survey saying most nepalis feel safe. he's not all that guffadi after all :)

  4. hahaha... Guffadi also mentions Republica quite often, the gentlemen is quite well read!
    (...and perhaps even more of a "guffadi" because of it! :D )