Thursday, March 10, 2011

Got Married?

Wedding season sakiyo bhanya tuh .. feri euta party sarty janoo parney bhayo! Ani yo party palace, hotel sotel haroo lay 'biha ko party' ko menu chahi change garey hoon-thyo ni?

Dal Bhat tuh ghar ma nai khana pa-yee-ncha! And everywhere you go, you get the same crap... baroo how about them 'pot luck' stuff.. hahah!

Yes, bring your own food, booze and your own 'sick bag' as well! Wouldn't it be fun? Like.. Shyam will bring a truck of rice, Ram will bring a tanker of dal and Ghaneyshyam dai lai chai 'kashi' to tender sender!

Bring your own bottle of 'raksi' , drink it .. and if you want to throw up then you better bring your own 'sick' bag pani!

And what about them music? I am sick of 'Sheila ki Jawani' or 'Zor ka Jhatka' ... baroo how about them Nepali geet-seet... kay kay geet cha ni .. 'Poi-la jaana paam' ...hehe!

Baroo... everybody has to sing a song or two... or show their talent salent... I can't sing , dance or play them guitar sitar... but I am good at spilling them drinks and dropping 'achaar' on my shirt khaal-ko kaam! Tyo pani tuh talent nai ho ni!

And if you want to start then new business sleaziness in Nepal... then just focus on masoo and raksi! No... you don't have to open another 'Sekuwa' place or them 'restoo-rants' .. just supply them wedding-wallahs with them booze sooze kya!

That's it.... yeta oota tyam waste naw-garoom unless your father is a mantri or your uncle is a sarkaari hakim.. tyeso bhaye tuuh jay garey pani hooncha!

This winter alone.. I have attended like ... 43 weddings ... 42 non-veg and 1 'veggie' pani! Abuh veggie-wallah lai chahi 'mithai' supply garey bhayo .. aroo baaki tuh sabai 'AA' (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting nai attend garnoo parney khal-ko... heheh!

Nepal ma chalney bhaney-ko.. 'Royal Stag' whisky .. abuh yo ganatantra ko bela ma... baroo 'Loyal Stag' naam-aw-karan garey hoonthyo ni! Lastuh ma tyehi ho... hami Nepali.. haroo nikkai loyal soyal chau ni!

And I am seriously thinking of quitting smoking ... because I am tired of them party palace ko bhai haroo asking me for 'Dai... euta cigarette malai pani' ... heheh! Next tyam... I think I will just open a 'churot' ko counter .. baroo tyehi churot bechoom-laa ani ali ali paisa lay baroo.... gau ghar ko school banau-naw sahayog garoom la!

Ani.. hijo ... yeta oota shut-downs... thanks to our comrades.... for closing down them Hetuada ko industries haroo and give it up for our teachers haroo ko union for closing them private schools! Yestai ho... naya Nepal ko kahani... lau abuh kay garney... whisky ko peg laag-aam ani rajniti guff maa-room!


  1. लै ठीकै छ । नसकिने रहेछ हा हा हा ...

    And formally,
    I read you for fist time with difficulty...


  2. ho ho sahi ho sarty bihe sihee ma dal bhat khuyara..................ani party palace ma royalstag ma khai kunne tyo k jati virgin milayara khuaaauuchan reee....... so dont touch in bevrage section............. hahahah
    nice bloggggg i like it

  3. Heheh.. thanks.. and yes.. no more Royal Stag abuh tuh.. feri Virgin-mix paryo bhaney ando-sando (blind slind) hooncha rey.. haha!