Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Code of Conduct....

Prachandey dai is busy partying it up with the world's shortest man... Baburam (BRB) dai is going crazy... somebody please give him some Prozac kya! Ani hamro Baidya dai (Rambo) is busy writing them 'code of conduct' for them Maoist mantris rey!

If we were to split into them 22-24 kingdoms then BRB would probably be the next 'King' of Gorkha hola but them Prachandey panel ko comrade haroo want to give BRB a hard tyam ... ani BRB says ... 'Bring it on ... fools' .. (Mr. T ko po yaad ayo!) and he wants to go the 'Bhimsen' way rey!

Tyeti bela ko prime-monster Bhimsen Thapa committed suicide in them jail sail and hamro BRB dai wouldn't mind committing hara-kiri rey! Babu dai .. please don't lose hope kya... and you will be our prime-monster some day... baroo please form your own party sarty.. hami paani saath diu-la ni!

And talking about them 'code of conduct' .... now our Maoist ministers will be barred from appointing their sons as 'computer operators' or '10% agent' rey! So.. that means hamro Krishna Bahadur Mahara should now find someone else to keep track of them NTC ko tender ko commission submission hola ni!

And if Prachandey dai becomes them prime-monster again (kunai din) then I guess... Prakash Dahal will no longer be in-charge of sending emails hola ni! And he won't be able to make deals left and right rey... I think Mohan Baidya is crazy... stop wasting your tyam writing them 'code' sode kya... he also needs another Prozac hola!

I guess them previous 'code of conduct' son-duct didn't work .. the last tyam they were in power back in 2009! And we can bet them 'Raja ko anoohar' bhaako notes .. that it won't work this tyam pani! Well, them 'King' notes haroo pani tuh don't work now rey! You have to go all the way to the Rastra bank to change them note sote rey... janta lai dookhaw diney kaam!

UML and them Madeshi parties don't have their 'code of conduct' ready yet... and they don't need it ... because they are busy looking for deals and making some dough before they are out of power sower ni!

Nepal ma them animals are being fitted with them GPS devices! Tigers and Rhinos pachi abuh vultures haroo ko palo! And our so-called don son haroo lai pani Nepal police lay upahar diye-ka chan kyaaruh! How about fitting all our so-called netas with this GPS stuff.. then we can all log in and watch where they are eating and shitting hola ni!

And the 'People's Volunteers' are ready to rumble now! Abuh tyo 'People's Revolt' lai final countdown soo-roo garey hooncha ki? BRB thinks we either need to get some 'Chinese' or 'Amrikan' support, Baidya thinks he alone can fight India and Prachandey dai just wants to hang out with them 'Raja-baadis' and make some $$$!

Maobaadi ko newspaper 'Janadisha' is out of business rey... and them journalists haven't been paid for the last three months rey! Since our Maoist now have three different trade unions, hope one of them fights for them employees hola ni!

Since Prachandey dai controls all them money soney... he has stopped funding them newspaper rey! Heheh... them Janadisha folks should have been careful ni... instead of only supporting BRB dai.. .they should bring out like a monthly 'Prachandey' calendar ni baroo! Or you can always send them 'comrades' to them business houses and ask for some donation kya!

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