Monday, August 1, 2011

We Will Write Whatever We Want....

Are you a member of BLOGAN? No, this is not some another race in the Star Trek universe kya! And don't confuse them with them Klingons or Vulcans ... hehe but BLOGAN bhaney ko 'Bloggers Association of Nepal' rey!

BLOGAN and friends have come up with some kind of them 'code of ethics' for Nepzie bloggers. Ten Nepali bloggers signed them and it would have been great if they had gotten one more signatory then they could organize a football match against patrakars, politicians and police-wallahs!

Yes, a game against FNJ (Patrakar haroo ko Sangh!) would be great and then play another game against Jhallu Baba and team and round it off with a final game against Nepal Police Club ni!

Them signatories were : Bhojraj Dahal, Chandan Sapkota, Deepak Adhikari, Dipak Bhattarai, KP Dhungana, Mukunda Nepal, Sailendra Kharel, Somesh Verma, Surath Giri, and Ujjwal Acharya rey!

With due respect to them people but looks like all of them are patrakars... hehe! Baroo arkai 'Nepal Association of Patrakars' (NAP) kholya hoon-thyo ni! And where is the freaking diversity?

Yes, this is 'New Nepal' and with love and best wishes to the priestly class but where are them naaris and other-jaatis? Couldn't you guys get 'female' bloggers to sign it?

This stuff is not mandatory but if you follow them code sode then your blog will have 'honor' rey.. according to them BLOGAN-wallahs.. hehe! I guess they will you hand you some certificate hola ni and you can paste it in your blog slog kya!

Now, let us all go to them code sode and comment somment hai!


As a blogger, I would honestly:

1. Be fair on what I write in my blog

(No, I won't.... I am not playing FIFA World Cup and trying to win them 'fair play' award saward!)

2. Write things that I believe to be truth

(Okay, I believe that Aliens will one day come to Kathmandu and abduct all netas, civil servants, chor-police and criminals and send them to some labor camp in Mars!)

3. Specify my source of information – credit to offline sources and link to online sources

No, I won't specify or pacify anyone hehe... if everybody is telling me that Prachanda made 5 crores from them APC/Sudan scam then I believe them and I can't fill my blog post by giving credits to 732 folks ni! And I am not a patrakar and don't work for them dailies so ... why the @#$! do I need to follow them 'May the Force be with your Source' natak ni?

4. Specify clearly the use of any unconfirmed fact or information

Why? This is a blog... not Kantipur... and their 'Girl finds money-bag, President calls her and then it's a big freaking joke' natak ni!

5. Avoid conflict of interest – clearly disclose my position including job, financial interest, affiliation and relationship if they related to the post OR maintain an detailed About Me page!

No, I won't disclose anything... and I am not posting my CV and all them work experiences like that 'Nepali guy' who wants to get married real bad .. what's his name.. he's all over Facebook kyaaruh!

6. Clearly differentiate between advertisements and blog content

Okay, next tyam I want to sell my digital camera, cell phone or (memory crash dumped) laptop then I won't make it look like a 'Mahabharat' ko katha but will just post some pictures and then ask people to name their own price srice ni!

7. Disclose clearly if an entry is posted sponsored or as advertisement or after accepting a payment or goods to write it.

Can you guys take your head out of your arses. Who pays you to write about the new 'Nano' or them cool gadgets ... this is not Amrika, first try making money from them stupid 'Adsense' nataks and then ask for donation from all them NRNs ani tyespachi write only good things about Binod Chow-dhury or them byaparis .. and who knows ... they might give you a Dashain kharcha or something...hehe!

8. Admit and correct mistakes as soon as possible but only with strikethrough or editorial notes

Yes, we will do that when our netas admit and correct mistakes as soon as possible ni... and not with strike-through or them notes sotes but by promising us to send Sujata auntie back to Germany and arresting Rubel and sending him to Rolpa so he can work there for the next 20 years, digging ditches and what not!

And all them netas can just get out of this country... (yes, take all them cash stash) and never come back! We can take care of ourselves.. we don't need them goons and buffoons to screw it up and destroy this beautiful land of ours!

9. Allow comments to engage audience, allow different opinions and clearly state my moderation policy if any

That's what comments are for ni... and of course ... we moderate them only if jackasses start using them 'F' bombs kya!

10. Show compassion for human being – be sensitive writing about or using photos of victims

We are not investigative journalists (Nepal ma.. hehe!) and we don't follow the 'crime beat' section... so the only pictures we get hold off are them funny stuff from Googly-land kya!

11. Promote freedom of speech

Yes.. finally .. you got this right .. Lau BLOGAN-wallahs.. stop wasting your time... focus on writing them blog slog and give us something to read while we get bored with them dailies kya!

And then there is another natak..

As a blogger, I wouldn’t intentionally:.... and I don't want to make fun of them 'I wouldn't do' list.. but I wouldn't intentionally .. sign them code of ethics..hehe!

I have decided to join a new 'Bloggers' association called ....'W6' or 'Six Ws' (We Will Write Whatever We Want!)... we just need 11 people (co-ed team!) so that we can play a friendly football match against BLOGAN this September... Rangasala maa.. hehe!

So.. if you are interested to be a member of 'W6' then please comment on them 'comment' section ... we need at least 22 bloggers (first team and reserve team cha-hi-yo ni football sootball khel-naw!) and then we need like another 22 to be them cheer-leaders ni.... ki kaso?


  1. Yesh, yesh, draft the darn thing please, and I am ready to sign it with my Pe--fingers...


  2. It would have been a good guideline for the CA members rather!

  3. Hahaha cheerleaders pani?.... Seems like few journalists has a dream of starting their own media just lack some money so using blogs as a medium to compete with their counterpart dailies. Good luck to them. But I really like the idea of 6Ws. I'm in too.

  4. GRt place to see real fun, i am already ...and the codes for the bloggers are awesome, i think i need to boost with some more good things being a blogger.....

  5. I am in too, in the W6 team kya..

  6. Not sure where my comment went but lets try again... i'd sign W6 but not sure i'm up for the football!

  7. @everyone... thanks, so far 7 'in's, and 1 strongly agree, 1 'I am already' and 1 inspired. We need 11 W6 members (4 more to go) and another 11 cheer-leaders and leaders-ni..hehe! If you want to join ... please write 'I am in' hai!

  8. I am so so so IN in the W6 team!

  9. Is the football team sign up still open? I am in!

  10. @Zinta... yes, the sign up is still open. We need at least 22 folks... reserve players and player-nis pani cha-hiyo ni... thanks!