Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Idiot....

Who will be our 35th Prime-Monster? Our bet is on Baburam but at the end of the day, it's once again them Madeshi netas who will decide who gets to live in Baluwatar.

According to our sources, if the Madeshi parties vote for Dr. Saheb, then our new home minister will be a Madeshi neta rey.

It doesn't matter if we have a Pahadi or a Madeshi or an alien as our ministers ni... all of them will be busy looting kya. Them Madeshi netas talk about discrimination and what not but they have done nothing to really help them folks in Terai.

It's all about making the moolah while they can because you never know if you will ever be a mantri again ni. Neta lay moaz naw-garey kasley garney ni... janta lay?

Just because the Army Chief is a Gurung or our foreign minister is a Yadav doesn't mean everything is going well ni.... our country is still governed by the NBC-wallahs.

The Newars-Bahuns-Chettris combo platter is still number one when it comes to them sarkaari kaams and neta-giris kya. And none of them went to private schools ... so if you want your kids to be a sarkaari hakim either send them to government colleges or make sure they take a crash course on Nepali when they come back from bidesh kya.

The former Armed Police Force ko IGP Basnet's daughter is now a sarkaari karmachaari. Daddy knows best... hehe! Yes, it's about tyam we ask our young folks to take them Public Service Exams and join them sarkaari offices.

Ms. Basnet will be going to Amrika for her Master's paid for by the government. I think she got in because she is smart... so no I am not bitching about her hai.

One day, she will be our Ambassador-ni. We need more young folks like her.... to be hakim sahebs... and maybe in the next twenty years, when people like her get to be them hakims.. ani ali change hoocha ki hamra sarkari karmachariz haroo?

I don't know her but if you are interested to join them civil service, call her up and get some tips kya. She works at the Paw-rastra Mantralaya. I think them E4Nepal wallahs should invite her to their 'Thursdays' thing @ Hotel Dwarika kya.

Yes, Nepal ma bhan-shoon tuh chali halcha and it helps if your parents are netas and civil servants but I hear them exams are really tough and you really need to do well... this is not like our Tourism mantri appointing his 8th grade-pass saathi as chairman of Nepal Airlines ni.

And Sarkaari jagirs are very safe kya. Once you are hired, then even God can't fire you rey. And the pay is much better than them private-wallahs. Even the peons now make like 10 grand a month and they get all bhatta-satta.

So our so-called ethnic fronts should rather focus on educating them minorities and preparing them for civil service rather than bitch about the NBCs kya. Just because you have a PhD doesn't mean you will get a job at the National Planning Commission ni... everything is freaking politicized in this country.

So if we want to beat them white men of Nepal (hehe.. the NBCs) then we have to make sure that them minorities get access to them resources which will help them to compete ni.

But be it them Madeshis or so-called Jan-Jaati netas, they are all busy using them funds (state, INGOs etiyadi) to help their own chamchas .... ani jaat-bhaat ko kura gardai dhoong-mooda garcha!

The funny thing about them Maoists is that they have all these Newa Rajya, Tamang this, Limbu that... and most of them committee members chahi aroo jaat ko rey. That's like NAACP being led by a white man, maybe Rush Limbaugh ... hehe!

Jhallu Baba is also getting a new SUV from them hydro projects like Makune and Prcahandoo did. So add another Karod and annual lakhau ko kharcha to maintain his free ride, fuel suel, guard saard etiyaadi!

It's about time we asked them vehicles back from all them netas kya. They have enough dough (from all them extortion and looting) to buy a G6 and fly around ni.... kinuh hamrai pasia matruh lootnay ho?

Poudel went to file his papers for them PM ko election only after 12:30 rey.... our netas seem to trust them astrologers more hagi. Even Jhallu baba, our so-called comrade was doing a puja when he entered Baluwatar.

Mohan Baidya was also seen placing them tikas on his PLA men's foreheads. What's wrong with our communists? I though they prayed to Marx and offered ladoos to them chors like Lenin, Stalin and Mao!

Tomorrow, Baburam and Ramu dai will be heading to BICC and drinking tea and samosas. Hope they have finalized them lucrative ministries to them Madeshi netas because without their votes, it's just not possible kya.

Ramu dai won't win .. we know that for sure.... I guess he was never good at math sath hola. Baburam needs the Madhesi votes and our great leaders from Terai won't vote for him unless they get them SUVs and mantra-layas kya.

It really doesn't matter who wins .... I think Baburam should have waited hola... abuh Prachandoo lay khutta tani halcha ni but our friend, Upendra Yadav will continue to be our foreign minister hola... hehe!

He is the luckiest man out there. He's got a new girlfriend, he gets to travel around the world and he must know all them local slangs pani abuh tuh!

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