Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Without Our Consent....

Three years and three months later, our netas are still fighting with each other on who gets to be them prime-monster... they sure got their priorities right, don't they?

And now, Deuba has decided to withdraw his naam saam from the race rey... thanks, you have already screwed us enough ni... isn't it funny that the same guy who put them price tags on them Mao-buddies is now drinking whiskey with Prachandoo Sarkar and plotting to stab Baburam in his arse?

I think we should invite Prakash Jha (Desi filmmaker) to visit Kathmandu, baroo 2-3 mahina khaa-naw bas-naw hami nai inta-zaam gardim naw. Then he can make a movie about our netas. Jha makes great movies... be it politics or police or about them 'reservation' stuff. Please watch 'Arakshan' ... Big B is great and I am thinking of teaching them 10 class ko students in my tole ko government school this winter.

I am not a smart guy but I think I can handle 10 class ko Angrezi .. hehe! I still remember my English teacher from Kerala who used to say, 'Gobul went to the Tembul' ... well, I do have them funny accent as well but I think I them 'English Reader' class is pretty easy.

I have no idea if they have new textbooks but I will check ni.... so if you want to join me this winter, teaching them students to pass them 'Iron Gate' nataks then let me know hai!

SP Ramesh Kharel is really kickin some arse in Birgunj. A week ago, some 'Miya' don who happens to be a central advisor to our Mao-buddies was arrested for some murder surder, which took place in 2007.

The guy was driving around, having zarda paan and lotsa fun and nobody had the guts to arrest him. Well, SP Saheb has done it again. He really isn't scared of anyone kya.

I think Kharel should be given the task of finding that UML don, Parshuram Basnet. He should be able to nab that guy in less than 24 hours... I know where that fool is.. he is hiding in KP Oli's house rey.. eating khasi ko masoo!

Yes, one man or a woman can make a difference kya. It took one woman to start Maiti Nepal and even now our government really doesn't care about our sisters being sold in them brothels.

I am not a fan of capital punishment but it's about tyam we really hung them dalals, be it them human traffickers or government tender-wallahs. Well, abuh desh ko former prime-monster nai super-dalal bhaye pachi kasko kay laagcha!

When Dr. Ruit wanted to open an eye hospital, all them sarkari hakims from the sarkaari hospitals did everything they could to stop him. But he prevailed and thousands of folks can finally watch 'Tito Satya' ni!

Our netas talk about them consensus government but the only consensual stuff they do is share the loot from them rastra ko dhukuti ni.

Ramey dai, another Congressi will be trying his luck for the 18th tyam. Arey waa... somebody needs to remind him that he is not climbing Everest kya and if he really wants to be our prime-monster than do a 'Jhallu' .... just go and kiss Prachandoo's arse and promise him that you will be his beeyaatch.

A week left before our stupid clowns extend them CA's term for another three months or so...abuh tuh janta uth-nai parcha hola... this circus act can't go on forever ni.

I am still mad at VAT Mohan Adhikari... Sprite now costs Rs 25 at the kirana pasal. Juice Suice tuh abuh Rs 250+ hoonay bhayo (naya vow audai-cha arko hafta!).... @#$!ing naam ko maatruh communist hoon ye daaka haroo.... sabai paketmaar po rahechan!)

Look at them Desis kya... if the price of pyazz (onions) go up by 50 paisa, them Desis burn shit up and the netas run for the hills... but here in Nepal, milk prices went up by nearly 100% since we became a rip-off-the-public (Republic), nobody complains... now not all of us can afford masoo or even a gift for our sasooz.... hehe!

Khoi... hami nai bewakoof haum.. ani kina naw-loot-wos tuh yee gadha haroo lay!

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