Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moral Standards...

Nearly a week ago, them schools in Pokhara banned them motorbikes, mobiles and mini-skirts from them school compounds rey. And all this banning tanning to improve student discipline rey.

So from now onwards, them students in Pokhara can't come to school riding them bikes. No more stunts outside them school gates hola ni. And you can't use your mobiles inside them classrooms pani. And our young ladies.. please don't wear them mini-skirts... you are not attending them 'sweet 16' parties kya... you are going to school not some party palace ni!

Some folks think, we need to raise them age limit .... to get your driver's license. I think we just need to have more classes for our young folks and teach them better driving skills and traffic rules kya. Yes, a mandatory three month course ni and the traffic police can conduct them classes and maybe them fees can help to install them traffic lights around the Valley... ki kaso?

And it's not only them young folks... it doesn't matter if you are 16 or 61... and especially them jagga-dalals and them blue-plate wallahs need to take some course on 'parking' hola... timi haroo ko bau ko bato hoinuh kya... jaha payo tyehi park sark garney... hehe!

And talking about them mobile phones, it's also about tyam , our government ban them from sarkari offices kya. Our security personnel nowadays are busy listening to songs or SMSing while on duty. And them police-wallahs call them criminals and help them evade arrests by letting them know that there is a warrant out for them!

I went to the airport last week. The soldier (so-called check-post ma) was busy fiddling with his mobile phones. Them so-called Armed Police Force clowns were busy listening to dohori songs at 4am in the morning while on duty as them security guards for them INGOs. Our Nepal Police ko bahini was busy SMSing her boyfriend (Yes, I asked!) while on duty in front of Jawlakhel Police station kya.

Ani mini-skirts ko chahi.... them folks in Pokhara (teacher, guardians and school samitis) want to raise them moral standards rey. Kay ko standards ho? I don't know about them moral soral thing but only Rekha Thapa should be allowed to prance around in mini-skirts hola ni.

I think our young women should be careful these days. We have more perverts and chors nowadays.... so if you want to dress up like Lady Gaga or whoever... then be ali discreet hai.... like dress up when you attend your school dance party or farewell etiyaadi... but not when you are going to the mall or school ni.

Why? Because we have no laws against them eve teasing... and in this Naya Nepal.... we have all become chaa-da ... not all of us but those who still go around acting like jackasses don't get their arse whooped like in the old days kya.

I think them Pokharelis know a thing or two about them moral standards and what not... baroo yeso hamro desh ko neta ruh sarkari hakim ko pani moral standards check garney ho ki?

Yes, it's about tyam... we ban them Mao-buddies, Madeshi netas and Morons (aroo sabai party) from looting our national coffer ni.... So, all them guardians and school teachers from Pokhara.... come to Kathmandu and ban our corrupt clowns and their money, muscles and man-maani instead kya!

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