Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nepal, Naples & Nipples....

A redneck once asked me... where I was from .... 'May-hee-co?' ... No, I am from Nepal kya. Where? Naples? You are Italian. No, Nepal kya, land of Mount Everest, Sherpas , Gurkhas etiyaadi.

Well, the hillbilly had never climbed a mountain (neither have I), he had never heard of the Sherpas or the Gurkhas and I also really didn't want to draw a map and show him where Nepal was so I just grabbed the firewood and left the store kya.

And once again, we are now caught up with 'You don't know Nepal, fool' nataks! Okay, the lady didn't know that Nepal was a foreign country rey... hehe... give her a break. Even Rajnikanth doesn't know it and neither does Jackie Chan rey.

Not many people know about Burkina Faso pani... so why are we acting like buffoons just like our stupid netas? Let's be angry at our netas, civil servants and all them chors for making us look like fools when we leave the country with our green passports ni.

Them immigration folks from all around the world stare at us as if we are a bunch of savages, dying to get into their country ... and it's not because we are Nepalis ... it's because our corrupt clowns have done everything they can to get us listed as one of the poorest countries in the world kya.

I heard them Somalians paid them agents in their backyard to get them to Naples rey but somehow they ended up in Nepal... hehe! I feel bad for them... paying tons of money to go watch AC Milan ko football game and they end up here, watching players swim around in the football field at our Rangasala!

A kuire friend once heard me say 'Nipples' when I was actually saying, 'Nepalis' ... it must have been my accent. Always been a big 'Govinda' fan and grew up, talking like him (when he does his Angrezi thing kya!) ... and now I am stuck with this 'Chumma Dey-Do Bihar Lay-Lo' accent .. but I do tend to speak fast sast so people always get the wrong idea hola ni!

If we really have to be pissed then let's get mad at our stupid netas. They now want to extend the CA for another 3, 6 or 9 months rey. The mantri mandal goes for three months, Jhallu Babu wants 6 months and Prachandoo sarkar thinks 9 months lay pugcha rey.

I think we should scrap this CA thing and just have them local elections baroo. Prachandoo and all them comrades can be our ward chairpersons, mayors and mayor-nis. I don't think we need them mantris and prime-monster kya. President cha dai cha.. uslai pani kehi kaam dim naw!

And them festival organizers were scared by bunch of folks who were outraged by the lady's lack of geography ... c'mon... baroo ask our prime-monster and our three big stooges to name all them 75 districts ni.

Well, we might get 200+ districts and what not... whenever we get done with our constitution writing nataks but I would like to know like right now... if our netas even know all them anchals or even the so-called new national anthem .... baroo then let's all get mad and do some andolan ni...

So let us not be mad at the lady hai... forgive her kya... baroo we need to ask Prachandoo to get a twitter account... would be fun ni... he thinks Bangkok, Singapore and KL are not foreign cities kya... baroo Prachandoo has been to them places more than he's been to Rolpa ... hehe! Hami kahiley hamra chor haroo sangaw risau-nay ni?

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