Monday, August 29, 2011


Dr. Shorty Pants is finally our prime-monster. The Mao-buddies made a deal with our Madeshi netas. All them goondas (so-called political activists) who murdered innocent civilians during them Mao-Madesh-war swar won't have to worry about facing the music.

Yestai ho Nepal ma.... no wonder all them criminals join them political parties ni.... lootnuh, maar-nuh painey .... jail sail janoo naw-parney kya.

10,000 Madeshi lads will get to wear them fatigues and play 'army' sarmy ... yestai deal seal gardai ... naya sarkar banney bhayo! A Madeshi neta gets to be our Home Minister ... with due respect to all our Madeshi brothers and sisters but them Madeshi netas haroo lay chahi lootya chan hai.

Abuh 'Pahadi' police-wallah haroo lai nikkai pel-nay hola ni... hehe! Sabai neta haroo chor nai hoon .... afnai cadres ruh chamcha haroo lay tuh moaz garney ho ni!

If only Prachandoo hadn't wasted his and our tyam by trying to act like a bully... them peace process natak would have come to an end by now. But then he resigned and we had two Eh-Maley jackasses who happily lived in Baluwatar and left with them SUVs.

Baburam is a doer not a double speak jackass like them other prime-monsters. We have had three other comrades as our 'Chief Ribbon Cutter' ani 3 karod kharcha for them SUVs. Baburam saves money... afno pani ani janta ko pani.

He is the only guy who used to return them bhatta satta when he went on them foreign trips. He has decided to save us taxpayers some 80+ lakhs by driving around Kathmandu in a 'Made in Nepal' Hulas ko Mustang jeep seep!

Jhallu and Makune wasted our two years by doing nothing. Now, Baburam doesn't have much time left to clean up the mess but he will try his best. And even if he fails... we should just be happy that at least he won't be doling out millions of Rupees (PM ko fund batuh) to his chamchas, cousins and crooks!

Thank God Baburam doesn't drink. If he did then he would probably drink Ruslan Vodka hola. He is not a whiskey guy like Prachandoo ni. His dinner is mostly two rotis, daal and sabji. At least we will save some on them chicken chilly, whiskeys and what not.

Them Congressis and Eh-Maleys have decided to sit outside the fence. They will do all they can to create obstacles because they are not sharing the loot this tyam.

The CA will see another 3 months extension (comrades want 6 months rey)... can Baburam wrap things up by then? Will Prachandoo really help Dr. Saheb or just stab him in the arse again? If nothing happens by then ... Baburam should do a 'Hazare' ... go on a bhog-hadtaal in Baluwatar and ask the people to rise up ani sabai lai thik-thaam ma purai-dim naw!

Lau.. congrats to Hisila Yami didi... this year's teej will be boombastic for her... Baburam dai ko kapaal tuh abuh jhan sabai seto hoonay bhayo... taruh pani... good luck and don't let Prachandoo daka drag you down!

Baburam ko kaam garo cha... it's like trying to complete a marathon in less than an hour kya. It's just not possible but maybe you can catch a micro-bus half-way through the race (hehe!) and complete this peace process, integration natak satak.


  1. aile samma ta jun jogi aaye ni kanai chireka chan herum

    aashish @ Nepali FM

  2. pahile ko po jogi thiye ta.. yo chai jogi haina ni tah!