Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free Money....

According to our dailies, our Prime-Monster Jhallu baba has doled out 50 lakhs to his relatives, party netas and chamchas rey. Nepali ma bhancha ni.. 'Lootay ko dhan, Foo-Foo ko Saraa-ddha!'

Our Mao-buddies are getting 9 billion Rupees ... so that they can deposit it in them finance companies giving 15% interest ni! Arko Choo-naab (election) ko laagi kharcha tuh chai-halyo ni ... hoinuh ruh?

Let us not only blame Jhallu Baba... all our former prime-monsters have given them 'free money' to their chamchas and that's how the system works! Amrika ma 'pork barrel' spending ki kay bhancha ni.. Naya Nepal ma .. chahi 'Boiler Chicken Chillies' bhancha kya!

That's what politics is all about ni... you have to keep your chamchas happy or else you might not win the next election because then... all them mundrey goondas will join your opposition kya! And you better give some to your party sarty or else you might not even get the ticket kya!

The difference between us and them netas chahi... if I cheat you of ten Rupees.. then I won't be able to sleep at night ... and worry that someday you will find out and I will have to commit hara-kiri kya!

But our netas... they will continue to loot them state coffers and dole out them funds to their own cadres and even share the loot with other political parties... and when it's time for bed... they will just gulp down a bottle of whiskey. I hope there is a God .... and one day, we will all have to answer to someone kya!

Makune spent 80 lakhs to fund his chamchas weddings, barta-muns and what not... and our great chairman, Prachandoo used 1 crore to help the poor and needy (not citizens!) chamchas rey!

I don't know when we will wake up .. but it's about tyam hola.. so please wake up and smell the 'Bagmati' river ... hai! We pay taxes.. on everything and our netas and their chamchas use our money to ride them gas-guzzling SUVs, spend it on their pet projects while them poor and needy citizens get nothing!

It's also time them cadres of all political parties realize that there is no use, splitting heads and beating each other ... because at the end of the day... our netas will be sharing the loot and enjoying their 'bidhesi' whiskeys kya!

And all this 'federalism' natak is only going to help our netas ... we are happy shooting arrows and dancing around in circles , wearing our 'Cowboy' and 'Indian' dresses... while our chor-netas gobble up our hard-earned money. Yestai ho .. yeha ko chalan!

We don't have Anna Hazare or them 'Holy Cow' Ramu Deva baba.. hehe! But we have our Maha-Jodi... it's about tyam... Madan and Hari dai.... do something .... maybe our media-wallahs can do them PSAs (Public Service Announcements kay kay bhancha ni!)

Yes, let us all stop them SUVs and force our netas to take them micro-buses where them Khalasi bhais won't give them discount on their CA member ID ... and if they complain about being koach-ified by fellow passengers... the bus driver will stop right there and ask you to get out kyaaruh.. hehe!

When will we say 'enough is enough' .... 'Gheech-noo ghee chees.. abuh kay baaki cha... dakaar mora and mori neta-netini ho!' ... waving our placards reading 'Ghoos-khori lai kira paros!' ... won't do any good.. it's about tyam... we went to them ghoo-khoris and ask them to give us them hisab-kitab!

We want our 'money' back... we want our 'country' back... and we want our netas to go back to where they came from! Most of them seem to be funded by our Indian Embassy.. they can move to Delhi! And what about them Chinese? Send them to Beijing kya!

Ani aroo chahi.... apply for them DV lottery and pray that you get selected.... or just open a 'pakka capitalist' party .... even if you don't win any election selection... you will still get funded by Boeing and GE.. because who knows.. maybe one day, NAC will finally buy them planes and all them turbines from Amrika can be used in them hydro-power stuff ni!

We have seen them socialists, communists and mandaleys and madeshis and all them morons.. now let us seem them 'capitalists' haroo pani ni.. ki kaso?


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