Thursday, August 25, 2011

National Dress...

Are you better off than you were three and half years ago? Well, them only folks who are living the 'Nepali' dream are our politicians, civil servants and contractors kya. For the rest of us, things are getting worse hagi?

We got rid of the 'Royal' tag (but you can still drink Royal Stag!), we got rid of Lord Vishnu (but you can still pray to Lord Prachoo!) and we even changed our national anthem but there are many things which have remained the same.

Does anybody know what our national animal is now? It was them 'Holy Cow' last tyam... kyaaruh and aajuh ko guff chahi hamro national dress ko barey ma hai.

Yes, even our Supreme Court wallahs have decided that 'Daura Suruwal' nai hamro national dress ho rey. And our Madeshi netas are pissed and they plan to burn them 'Pahadi' dress rey.

When the original 'Maobadi', King PNS was walking around Gorkha, them 'Daura Suruwals' were cool hola but nowadays... it's tough to walk around in them stuff kya. I mean if you have to pee then you need to buy a manual from Sajha Prakashan on how to untie them tunna hehe.

Jhallu does love his 'Daura Suruwal' ... and Prachandoo tries to be a Nepali by donning a topi but he loves them suits. I am just waiting for our Dr. Saheb to be our new prime-monster. I hope he will wear them hyalf pyant kya when he takes his oath soath.

Ani hamro national dress nai half-pyant banai dim nuh hoodai-naw? Feri jado ko mausam ma ali garo hola hagi?

And the speaker of the CA, Mr. Name-Bang says 'Sabai jaati ko looga national dress ho' ... I think we should do a voting thing on TV and the one that gets the most votes , tyehi nai hamro national dress hooncha ni.

I think our 'Rautey' brothers ko dress up will win them votes. All you need is a bed sheet, half-pyant and a towel kya. That would be fun and affordable for all of us ni. Our ladies won't have to buy them NRs 18,000 ko saaris and the men won't have to buy them expensive suits etiyaadi.

Ani winter ma chahi, we add a 'seerak' (quilt) pani.. tyes pachi you can go anywhere in Nepal... and you don't even need to stay in the them hotels. Just pick a spot bato ko cheu ma, wrap yourself in them quilt suilt and call it a night ni.

Some Madeshi netas want 'dhotis' to be our national dress. Cool! It's must easier to pee when you are wearing a dhoti. I wore one when I was in Bhairahawa last year. It is very comfy as well. And a cousin of Gengis Khan (mero saathi who always tells me that he has some 'Gengis' blood in him!) would like to wear them fur coats and hats and make them our national dress rey.

Well, not all of us live on top of Everest ni... and thanks to khoi climate change ki kay bhancha... even the winters in Kathmandu are not that cold ... so I vote for 'Rautey' dress... what about you?

We can get them cheap bed sheets, towels, and half-pyants from Khasa hola.

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