Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Butcher...

No, I am not talking about Gaddafi or hamrai jackass, Prachandoo... today, we talk about our local butcher, Shammu dai!

Shammu start selling raga ko masu when he was 14 years old. The buffalo masoo used to sell for 30 Rupees per kilo kyaaruh. He sold them ragas like crazy .. he had them Desi cycle and he would go to them restaurants and do some deliveries as well. In few years, he bought a new 'Hero Honda' and got married pani!

Everybody would visit his shop early in the morning and half of the usual visitors were actually vegetarians. The only reason they would swarm the shop and act like they were interested to see them raga-cutting was because Shammu's wife was very hawt kya!

Shammu may not have been a good looking man.. even Johnny Lever looks fair and hensum if he stood next to Shammu and the so-called tole-baasis would be like 'What did she see in Shammu?'

Well, Shammu worked hard and made tons of money ni... while them tole-baasis were mostly descendants of them Ranas' babysitters and dishwashers. And their grandparents had received them jagga sagga from them Rana-ji and they never really worked for it like our Shammu dai ni.

They made fun of Shammu because he was a Kasai (butcher!). I met Shammu dai yesterday. He gave me his business card. He owns a college, a clinic and of course.. a co-operative as well.

He has 7 taxis, 6 Micros, 5 jaggas, 4 houses, 3 meat shops, 2 kids (who are in Amrika doing their Masters!) and 1 lovely hawt wife who still runs the first meat shop in my tole. And she will be hawter than Sophia Loren when she's in her 70s kya!

Shammu dai has asked me to invest in his new business venture. Ek-damai hi-fi meat shop rey. Budget sudget chahi 75 lakhs... I don't know why people think I have money kya. I dress like a hobo and I carry a big bag (looks like I am going trekking) and a chata!

It's been more than three years since I came back from the Land of Hot Dogs and cheap watery-beer (hehe!) and my friend still hasn't sold my old rusty car rey. I think he is using it for storage hola ni! But my chimekis think I have made $$$ and have hidden it somewhere in my backyard.. hehe!

I have advised Shammu dai to call Gaganey .. not that Himalayan Java, smart byapari.. but our CA member and so-called youth leader ni ... hehe! Maybe both of them can be partners since Gagan Thapa is also into masoo sasoo these days!

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  1. very funny....keep it up...:))))))))))))))