Thursday, August 18, 2011

Salary Hike ....

Them civil servants got themselves a raise last month and now it's tyam for our VVIPs as well. Yes, our President, Prime-Monster and them CA clowns will get more money from now onwards.

The President's job is to do nothing but drink tea, act like them 'King' , attending them festivals and stop traffic and make our lives miserable whenever he drives around town. His previous salary was NRs 72,800.00 Now he gets NRs 92,720.00 ... waa kya mazza!

And aroo daka haroo ko talab ko list sist yes prakar chan ...

Vice-President : 66,570
Prime-Monster: 47,620
Deputy Prime-Monster: 40,170
Minister: 37,560
State Minister: 35,600
CA Member: 34,030

According to them surveys, average Nepali ko annual income is around 42,000 a year kyaaruh. Abuh you do the math kya... kay ko laagi yeti dherai talab diney ho yee bajiya haroo lai?

This is only them basic salary kya.... our CA clowns also get extra pocket money to pay their electricity, water, telephone , internet, magazinea ko bill sill rey. Total ma chahi, each CA clown receives like NRs 62,868.00 per month.

And they gets Rs 200 for signing in at the CA and another Rs 150 as travel allowances ... which comes to like NRs 10,000 per month rey. So these jackasses are making like 70K a month doing nothing and we are not complaining kya.

I think them salaries should be pegged to the annual income thing hoinuh ruh? If an average Nepali makes only 40K a year then our CA member should not get more than that ni.

Khoi.. kaslay karau-ney ho... all them former prime-monsters and so-called thulo netas still get free gaadi, fuel and maintenance expenses and drive around with 20+ police-wallahs... and we pay for it ni.. uni haro ko bau ko sampati kharcha garya tuh hoinuh hola?

Maybe we should put this 'salary' thing in the new constitution pani.... like , you get paid only Re 1 a month kya. It's a shame that our netas make billions of Rupees by taking a cut from everything from state contracts to local bato ko tender sender and yet they are neither embarrassed nor ashamed to ask for free gaadi, security and bhatta satta.

Anna Hazare should be invited to Kathmandu, after he finishes his 'fast' sast .. hola. I think NepalUnites should visit Delhi and support Hazare pani.. and then learn a thing or two on how to fight them corrupt netas.

"The land is not their 'father's property'. The citizens are the masters of this country and the ministers are their servants" —Anna Hazare

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  1. So far interesting to read, but no need to show angry towards salary, allowances and other stuff.
    We are using very few resources, The monster are american! we are not!