Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Few Good Men....

Jhallu Baba thinks his so-called six month government was a success rey. Of course ni.... he walked out of Baluwatar with a 1.5 crore ko naya SUV and he can now attend them wedding ceremonies with them bodyguards and what not.

Gokarna Bista was the only good guy in Jhallu's cabinet. According to our laws saws, them former ministers get to keep their vehicles for 15 days and drive around Kathmandu enjoying free fuel, security and what not. But our former mantris never return them vehicles, guards etiyaadi.

I think NepalUnites ko next campaign should be 'Hamro gaadi firta dey' kya!

And what did Bista do when them sarkari hakim suggested that he take them sarkaari gaadi? Well, he walked out on foot, got into a taxi to attend BRB's oath-taking ceremony rey and then went home without gaadi or guards.

Way to go ... Bista, hope one day, we will have more folks like him than the usual 'chor' crowd who get to be them ministers. Our new Home Minister is the one-eyed, former Kangaroo now Madeshi leader, Mr. Guccha-Daar (euta ankha chahi guccha cha rey kya!).

According to them wikileaks, the Amrikan Embassy ko top 10 'corrupt' list ma , Mr. Bijaya Kumar Gachhedar ranks numero uno rey. And Bijaya dai will now make crores when his PA pressures the IGP to transfer 'good' cops to Siberia and 'corrupt' cops to them ghoos-khaney thau sau.

The most powerful position in Nepal government is that of the Home Minister. Prime-Monster tuh team captain matrai ho.... and our mantris will use their position and power to make enough to last their 7 pustaaz!

As a Home Minister, he or she (hope someday we will have a mantri-ni) can use them police-wallahs as slaves and make tons of money by extorting them cops for promotions, postings and what not.

If we had people like Bista as our Home Minister then maybe our cops would do their duty well instead of being chors kya.

Gachhedar has been them mantri santri many times during his Congressi days. And someday he wants to be the first Madeshi prime-monster rey. And if we do disintegrate into 24 little kingdoms then he can be a King Singh in some Terai rajya ni.

Let's get back to Bista hai. The guy nearly got killed when them mundrey goondas (Eh-Maley kai ho rey!) attacked him on the night he was appointed them mantri santri. And today, he has refused to use them government vehicles and them security. Like Baburam, he is also saving us some money ni.

But Jhallu is not ashamed. Makune and Prachandoo are still driving around in them SUVs. Them netas think BRB's Mustang ride is just another publicity stunt. Abuh chor nai chor haroo ko hool ma ek dui jana lai joker bhanchan nai!

The CA's term has been extended to another three months. This is it... BRB has 90 days to wrap things up. Prachandoo wants him to fail. Them Madeshi netas will be on a looting spree and don't really care what happens while our Kangaroos and Eh-Maley will say 'No' to everything BRB proposes... jay bhaye pani.... let's hope for the best hai!

Mero tole ko local 'poet' laureate tells me, 'Kya joke hagi.... both Mao-buddies and Madeshi forum-wallahs have their own army sarmy, goonda soonda, arms sarms... this is like them warlords in Afghanistan forming a government.... Baburam ek jana lay kay garcha?'

And Dr. Saheb, can you ask them police-wallahs not to empty them bato ghato when you are driving around.... security risk hooncha bhancha yee hamra chor-police haroo ... but you have nothing to worry kya... baroo hami sangai traffic jam ma goodyo bhaney jhan facebook fans bawd-cha ni.. hehe!


  1. Guccha Daar, Ullu ka Patte Dada (Upendra) yastai yastai mantri bhaye pachhi kaha hun6 ra bikash???

  2. ++Superb article. Everyday kasari etro lekhna bhayucha huh?