Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fast & Furious...

Happy Teej Seej to our Hindu women who dress up in them red saaris, wear them gold sold ko mala sala and dance to them songs like 'Poila Jaanaw Paam!' hehe!

According to them Hindu guff-suff, Parbati did all them tapawsya so that she could get that hippie Lord Shiva. Shiva the hobo was mighty impressed with Parbati's nataks and finally agreed to marry her rey.

Today, more than 300,000 Hindu women clad in red saaris will throng Pashupatinath Temple and bow their heads to Lord Shiva's thing. I really find all these Teej circus acts disgusting anyway.

Teej must have been a very simple affair back in them days but now it's like them Saari sellers, our jewelers and even the Dohori singers have conspired to make our Hindu women spend more than she can afford kya.

Yes, dancing and singing songs tuh ramrai ho. Ladies day out tuh hoonai paryo ni... but all that fasting for a husband or fasting in hopes of bagging a good husband is not only old school but is really jpt.

Ahiley ko jawana ma yo sabai bakwaas ajhai chali rahecha ..... I think we, men, should also have a festival for ourselves hai. How about 'Tej' where men do the fasting ni? I really don't get this 24 hour fasting thing and then gorging on all them spicy and fried foods before or after them fast sast.

Instead of spending thousands of Rupees on them saaris, potey sotey, gahana sahana ... why not baroo start a new bank nai. 'Nepal Women's Bank' where every Teej, millions of women contribute Rs 100. Ani loans only for women, tyo pani only for small businesses, education and health etiyaadi.

Fokatey ma party palace ma kharcha and all them music system and flaunting of them expensive saaris and soon ko dalla kya. And instead of fasting sasting, baroo our women should enjoy fruit salads and smoothies ni baroo... and them husbands should prepare them food sood ni hoinuh?

What about them girls/women who are praying for a good husband? Well, since you might not know who will turn out to be your 'man', just ask some random guy to make a mango lassi and a fruit platter for you.... and tell him to just deliver them stuff at your doorstep and then shoo him off before you open the door... hehe!

Anyways, Happy Teej to our women... happy dancing and singing but say no to all them 'fasting' for them husband might not be lasting hehe!

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  1. and all the women who do not want to fast, although they have peer/social pressure to, thank you for this post :)