Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Dashain is coming up and it's tyam for the Desi goats to visit Kathmandu for them mutton curries ni. According to them byaparis, 50,000 goats will visit Nepal this Dashain from India and some from China as well. Maybe Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) should also add this figure to their 'million' tourists ko list ma... ki kaso?

Ani jahiley pani Dashain ma them Khasi prices go up like crazy... so if you want a Khasi then better book it now hai. I have never been a fan of them mutton curries ..... used to love them ragaz when I was a teen were-wolf ... then moved to Chicken Chillies but now I have turned vegetarian ... so I will stick to them Aloo Pakodas hola!

National Food Corporation (NFC), another of them Public Enterprises (PEs) , don't know if they want to sell them goats this year rey. NFC normally charges less for them goats than them byaparis but 2-3,000 goats die when they are transported to Kathmandu rey.

Well, them goats are actually delivered to them sarkari hakims, thulo netas ... ani hisab kitab ma chahi 2-3,000 khasi ko swarga-haran bhayo bhaney-ruh lekchan kya. I really can't believe them corrupt civil servants and politicians... they are not happy with them free vehicles, free fuel and security... abuh Khasi pani baaki naw-rakhney ... kasto free-loaders gadha haroo!

Nepal imports more than 200 million US$ ko masoo sasoo every year. Abuh hamro desh ma kehi pani falney, foolney, banney chaina ki kya ho? According to them stats, Buffy meat accounts for like 65% of total consumption of meat rey ... sabai Kathmandu ko vyar vyar momo lay nai kinney hola hagi.

So, my NRN friends who are visiting Nepal for Dashain and would like to invest in them businesses here in the future, please get into them 'masoo' business hai? We are eating them Chinese apples, Japanese pears and Amrikan grapes and drinking them European juices .... while our Nepali products either rot in them gaun saun or they don't make any stuff here due to them labor disputes and what not.

Them Mao-buddies have tons of money but I really don't understand why they are not into them businesses kya.... jahiley pani extortion batuh nai paisa kamauney bhanchan .... and all them billions invested in them Kathmandu ko jagga sagga lay ghanta hooncha?

I think we should give them Maoist combatants them goats soats and ask them to get into this 'Khasi' business... they don't have to join them army sarmy ani baroo kay thaha, one day, Nepalis will eat Nepali khasis instead of Biharis and Khasa-wallahs kya.

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