Monday, September 19, 2011

The Big One...

I guess everybody here in Nepal and (some folks in India and Bangala) felt them tremors except few folks who thought they were shaking to the beat instead of them earthquake... hehe!

Our prayers to the victims and their loved ones who have lost their lives here in Nepal and India. I hope our government and them civil servants will do something to be prepared for the 'Big One' when it finally arrives here in Kathmandu.

The British Embassy ko wall swall came down and killed 3 folks .... a father and a daughter ani arko hidi raako manchey rey... so sad! But when them locals came to the rescue and wanted to clear them debris, them British Embassy-wallahs prevented them from helping out rey.

They wanted to wait for their own people to clear them stuff rey. Yes, they had to wait to wait them 'yellow' jacket, hats , gloves etiyaadi rey.

Ani Nepali janta ruh security personnel chahi itta nikal-dai , tyee British Embassy bhat-maara haroo chahi hay-ri-raako kya. Maybe DFID (UKAID) should build a new wall with their so-called 'Aid' money for their own Embassy baroo. Or they can learn a thing or two from the Amrikis...

I hear that they even have a bunker so that them Amrikis can enjoy them hot dogs when the Chinese and the Desis are playing nuclear ping-pong rey... hehe!

Maybe, we could have saved their lives when them wall collapsed if the stupid British Embassy employees weren't so eager to secure their own premises ni. Khoi.. kay bhanney... hamro neta haroo tuh sabai bhaaga-bhaag... and Dr. Saheb should have gone on TV and comforted them 'scared' Nepalis ... ek dui minute ko laagi bhaye pani anoo-haar dhekai-ye hoon-thyo-ni!

I understand that you need to get to them open spaces but why are our folks standing outside their homes ... shouting at each other and bragging about how fast they sprinted out of their homes kya. Feri ayo bhaney tuh, tyehi ghar shar dhawl-cha ani sabai lai chyap-cha ni.

The chana-chat-pawt guy was busy making them spicy treat while all them tole-baasis were talking about them earthquake in 1934. Ani yeso ghar ko maati batuh hay-rey ko... none of them street festival attendees were even born when the 'Big One' struck Kathmandu then.. hehe!

Hami Nepali lai 'guff' gar-naw payo bhaney... baje bara-joo ko guff nik-lee halcha hagi.

I was in mybedroom and I could feel the bed shaking for a few seconds. Went down to the living room to check on my grandmother and my aunt. Then I asked them to sit under the door and we three, huddled together and sat there .. and then came the 'shaking' natak.

I thought it lasted like 10-15 seconds... but they say it was a minute long 'shake' rey. And most of my tole-baasis didn't sleep last night. I went to bed at 1 and I could still hear people outside ... talking about another one coming soon.

The last tyam, I was shaken like this was back in them 'hostel' days ... many years ago... tyeti bela chahi .. them hostel beds were shaking faster than Shakira could have ever shaken her hips kyaaruh!

I jumped out of them bed sed ... and we all ran outside to them open field sield but our hostel prefect was shouting 'Bhooo-weee Chaalo Ayo' and instead of getting out, he just hid behind his siraak.

It was a one-storey building and there was big field right outside ... so no tension senion for them electric poles or other buildings collapsing. But that's not the case nowadays in this sick city.

All them khet-baaris where we used to play football are now ghar shar. Mero ghar agadi ko ghar tuh was shaking like crazy.. and if them tremors were a minute longer.. tyo ghar would have collapsed and them 100+ folks who were standing right there in front of that building would have died hola.

I think it's much safer to stay where you are (if you are inside) rather than trying to jump off the building or run outside. Well, you should head to Tundikhel if you are in front of Kathmandu Mall but if you are in New Road then just stay inside hola but not in front of the TV or by the window, trying to watch people running on the street.. tyehi jyhal lay injury hola hai.

Baroo.. shaking waking sakey pachi chahi .. then get out and try to get to them open spaces.. khoi kaha janey abuh Kathmandu ma.. but don't stand near them electric pole sole or them big buildings kya.

If the 'Big One' comes.. most of us will die.... because our homes are not strong enough to withstand them 'mega' ones... and our government has never bothered to even prepare for them natural disasters kya.

Our fire engines don't work. Our hospitals are not well-equipped and we don't even have them 'emergency' response teams. Them Desis sent them planes and fighter jets to Sikkim and what not.

Our government just announces them 'relief' packages and that's it. Bholi hami sabai maryo bhaney .. tyo relief package sackage pani tyehi sarkaari hakim haroo lay khanchan! Abuh tini haroo pani kay bach-laan ruh.. baroo sabai janta baa-chwos... tyee chor daka haroo chai maw-roon!

Anyways, better scan your latest bank statement, your citizenship ID and them important documents and save it online. Them CDO offices will not find your papers so it's better to save a copy online kya.

Ani bank account pani tyehi ho.. except for Standard Chartered and SBI and another two or three banks, most of them don't have a disaster recovery site ... so if the 'Big One' comes... your bank balance will be zero .. hehe! I don't like Standard Chartered but your money is safe with them.. but tyo 25K minimum balancen natak chai atti nai bhayo kya.

I don't think you will have tyam to grab your passport or nagarikta or even them 'Earthquake' bag sag or them soon ko dalla ani jhola bhari cash sash.... but yes, it's better to have paani saani, wai wai, kurkurey (hehe!), chuira suira handy and don't forget them flashlight hai... baroo eyta plastic ko poka banai rakhney ni!

During the 1934 ko earthquake... some folks survived under them rubble subble.. because they had like a bora of chuira with them rey... so maybe chuira-daal-moat chahi rakhnoo hai afoo sangaw... dal-moat might give you gas sas.. but it's better to tolerate them 'gun-dhaw' and survive ni!

Lau... may your houses still stand and your loved ones be safe when the big one comes to town. We will be cut off from the rest of the world... no internet, no batti, no mobile network etiyaadi... but we will have each other.

If we are lucky to be alive then we can all update our blogs if not... remember those who will never get to update their blogs again.... yestai ho.... afno tyam ayo bhaney yeti kai pani janoo parcha... but most of us will die because our government and them civil servants never bothered to prepare for the one that is waiting round the corner.

I think I wrote about the 'Big One' a year ago hola.. let me check.. okay, I found it .. here it is..The 'Big One' is coming rey....


  1. this is something really crucial to know for evryone...Thanks for posting, Guffadi!! :P

  2. Tyo 'big One' bhanya chai ke paryo kunni?
    2012 wala ho bhane chai Bakwas ho hai!!

    Anyway, be prepared than than 'pachuto'(eng nai birsyo)

  3. This is the ever first time, i felt an earthquake...that too ...wen m alone at home!!
    It was Craazzzy..and i felt it was the end!
    thank lord' everything's fine...
    R.I.P to the bereaved family!

  4. @Rasana, thanks
    @myruchi... yes, we all have to be prepared!
    @dongala.... nice blog!