Monday, September 5, 2011

Mouse on a Plane....

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has only two planes for them international flights. One of them is always grounded due to maintenance saintenance kyaaruh. That leaves us with only one functional aircraft ani tyo pani jahiley pani cancel sancel hooncha.

I guess them NAC folks didn't pray to Lord Ganesh enough ..... today, them NAC plane was grounded because a mouse wanted to travel to Bangkok without any visa or them ticket sicket. And the same plane was supposed to fly to KL in the evening ... so I guess no Malaysian holiday for some of our Nepzie tourists haroo!

Abuh Hollywood lay pani arko film bana-ye hooncha ni. Snakes on a plane tuh dekhi halyo abuh a mouse on a plane... see-reef euta mouse lay kay kay babal garcha bhaney ruh euta horror-thriller banaam naw!

Them foreign airlines are ruling them international market while NAC ko management ma jahiley pani fight sight.... Capt. Limbu just doesn't want to go away, does he? He gets kicked out and then runs to them Supreme Court , then he gets reinstated and the game goes on and on.

Hope he and the Chairman, 8th class pass Mao-buddy comrade will finally fix things at NAC .... fix garya garai ho yee dui jana lamphoo haroo lay. All them PEs haroo hamra neta haroo ko cadres bharti garney thau tuh ho ni.... we have a bloated bureaucracy and our taxpayers money goes to them karmachariz who do nothing but bunk work or show up late, do some sun-bathing (winter ma) and stop working by 3pm kya.

Messi is now in Bangladesh... but them Bangla fans are not happy because them ticket prices are like US$ 100 kya. Hope them Bangladeshis will riot and topple them government sovernment... abuh kehi tuh niu siu cha-hiyo ni. How come them 'Bryan Adams' wallahs didn't organize 'See Messi Play' event here in Nepal.

I hear them Michael Learns to Rock and Scorpions will be visiting Kathmandu rey. I didn't go to Bryan Adams show and I am not going to them shows either. And whatever happened to Shah Rukh Khan and his natak... Nepal auney bhanya thiyo ni?

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego...oops, meant Gaddafi? I guess he's playing chess and drinking Camel milk somewhere in his village. I hope they don't find Gaddafi eating them Mars candy bars and drinking 7-Up like our uncle Saddam...hehe!

Syria ko joker lay chai afnai janta lai bhoot-dai cha... and our Nepali sister who used to work for them Israeli PM's budi ko bau seems to be the new 'celebrity' in Israel. Israeli politics pani Nepal ko jastai cha.... ki chahi coalition government ki chahi tyehi duita party ko manchey 9-9 mahina ma PM bandai basney.

Anna Hazare wants them Desi youth to keep on rocking... I meant fighting ..... and I hear Amitabh and even Aamir Khan are planning something like a movie based on Hazare. Well, Amitabh is too tall to be a Hazare and he needs to tone down his voice hola but Aamir can do it. He will probably go to Tamil Nadu and get them tan san and then go on a 21 day fast to prepare for the role kya.

Rajesh Hamal ko biha kahiley ho..... he's in love with a 25 year old lady rey. Rajesh dai is like 47 and is still ruling Kollywood. I think he should now get into politics ... abuh auney election ma Kathmandu batuh uthay hooncha ni.

He won't even need to give them speeches .... either distribute them DVDs (yes, Nepali film ko DVDs are expensive... 250 parcha kya!) or just go around town and belt out them filmi die-logs. Ani election ji-ti halyo bhaney, just give a speech in Angrezi (MA in English garya kay kaam ni!) and maybe do a dance number as well.

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