Tuesday, September 20, 2011

India and Religion....

Lord 'Prachandoo' is back trying to kiss some 'Desi' arse so that he can get them Congressis and Eh-Maleys to back his 'breakthrough' plan.. hehe! A Desi leader is in town trying to get all our netas to shake hands and make up. I have no idea why we need 'foreign' hands to give our netas a wedgie ... how come we can't do it ourselves kya?

Comrade uncle now tells us that he was never against India or any religion rey. When he was living in the jungles of Delhi, he was happy to be given free room and board by them RAW agents. Nobody gives you anything for free ni... so they must have made a deal hola. You help me join the 'mainstream' act and I will help you to get rid of 'Lord Vishnu' or something like that.

India or them Amrikis and Euro-trash wallahs never thought them Mao-buddies would win a whole lot of seats ... now India is trying to figure out how to make the former paying guest pay ... hehe!

Prachandoo was never against India. He likes India. His daughter is married across the border.. well things aren't working out with his son-in-law and chori rey. It's sad hagi.... but she can be our Sujata auntie ni.

Look at Sujata... she left her hubby and came back to have fun while Girija Babu was alive ni. Maybe, our uncle's chori should also leave her husband and maybe do some deals with NOC. Nepal Airlines tuh abuh kaam chaina... NOC ko fuel suel yeta oota garey pani maala-maal!

When our comrades were eating Wai Wai and showing off them 'Goldstar' shoes ... Prachandoo was eating tandoori chicken and hanging out at the local 'dance' bar in Delhi rey. Tyeti bela chai.. he must have been anti-religion hola because our comrades were busy blowing up them temples and beating them priests and what not.

Now things are different. Prachandoo hangs out with the Desi 'Pirate' aka Ram Dev Baba.. and he wears them tika sika and he has a strong neck pani.... Ek ton ko fool-maala ghaati ma lau-naw tuh garo hooncha ni. Our communists are different from them other comrades around the world.

Most of our comrades still do them puja suja and call their astrologers to find out the right tyam to go to the bathroom...hehe! When them tremors shook Kathmandu, our CA members were bhaagum-bhaag outside the BICC... and one of them was like 'Luh... mero jyotish lay tuh kehi bhanya chaina.. kasari aye-cha bhooi-chaalo?'

Prachandoo may look like a patriot, act like one and speak like one ... but at the end of the day, he is like them 'Manchurian' candidate kya. I think he won't mind if we call him a Desi 'Parrot' instead... hehe! Tyo film ma chahi .. the man was programmed by his communist handlers whereas Prachandoo is always meeting with his 'Desi' handlers ni. Ani kinuh guff diney hola hami lai hagi?

Baburam went to school in India and is friends with his JNU pals who are now them netas in Desi land but he would rather cut a deal with them Chinese and the Amrikis to counter them 'Desi' wedgie.

Prachandoo should stop portraying our Dr. Saheb as an Indian stooge while he's the one who is actually kissing them 'Desi' arses and making them shady deals to save his own arse kya.

Them Desis know that without our Mao-buddies... all them peace seace nataks and all won't be completed kyaaruh. Yes, the Madeshi netas are the new players and it's like they are the mini-Mao hehe... so if India wants stability and development for Nepal then they should close them border sorder and not open it till our chor-netas sit down and finish writing this constitution thing kya.

Why? We will have no fuel , no tomatoes, no khasi , no masala and Dashain is here... and that should make all of us mad and go crazy ni. Hami Nepali janta tyestai ho kya... neta haroo lay jay garey pani choop laa-gay-ruh bus-cham... ani khana na-pa-ye pachi chahi neta haroo lai pani goad-cham hola ni!

I think NepalUnites should gherao the Indian Embassy and ask our new Desi Ambassador to hand us them bank statements of our great warlord, Pee-Chaas Paan (Mongolia had Geghis ni!).

Pee-Chaas probably has like 1,000 crores in them Indian banks hola. He will be known in history not as the combo of Buddha-Gandhi-Jungay aka BuGaJu but simply as the 'Pakeetmaar' who conned us all with his stupid tricks kya.


  1. I was in Sri Lanka last weekend and it's amazing how much more 'modern' the country is when compared to Nepal [and they too have had to deal with a violent civil war recently]. Their trade relations with China are growing rapidly too.

  2. @Kay... yes, you are right. I don't know when our netas will learn but so far, they seem to be more interested to make some money rather than focus on writing the constitution and stuff.