Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baburam goes to New York...

Dr. Saheb is leaving for New York today... to attend the UN ko meeting and greeting. Hisila didi and our Foreign Minister, Narayan dai will also be enjoying the economy class meal plan ... hehe! I hope they will be having fun with the masses... maybe playing 'antakshari' to pass the tyam syam... it's a long flight ni!

While in New York, Baburam dai will be attending a high-level meeting on nuclear safety rey.

I think them UN people were smoking crack or they just wanted to pull a prank hola. Don't they not know that we don't have any nuclear plants, bombs or even a mini-device kya? Baroo Dr. Saheb lai kunai 'hydro' sambandi meeting ma bola-ye hoon-thyo ni. Ya chahi tyo 'climate change' ma haal-dey hoon-thyo!

As usual, he will get to meet them Dosa and Dumpling men. He will eat roti and sabji with the Indian PM and maybe try some hot and sour soup with the Chinese hola ni. Then he will give a speech @ UN on Thursday rey. One advice for our Dr. Saheb, when speaking Angrezi... please speak slowly hai... don't speak like you are bhatta-ing your PhD thesis hehe!

He also gets to take a picture with the Amriki President Obama when he attends a reception hosted by the Amrikis. He will get like a minute or two hola (before he gets pushed by another foreign leader dying to shake hands with Obama) ... so rather than 'I am Shorty-Pyants from Nepal, the land of Everest and load shedding' etiyaadi.. just hand him a notebook with all your wish-list kya!

Obama has also written them book sook so he won't mind reading a 230 pages ko 'Dear God (Obama)... I want these stuff for Dashain' love-letter... hehe!

Here at home, our former Finance Minister, Ramu Mahat thinks Baburam dai should stop all this 'populist' nataks and flying economy will ruin the prestige of our great nation rey. Ho ruh? I guess them Congressis should be thanked for ruining this country by their 'looting' and it's because of them that we are in such a mess right now.

If only Girija Babu had stopped Sujata auntie from interfering then our Nepal Airlines would have like 10 757s ni... instead of just one functional plane and like 12 buses..hehe!

If our Kangaroos hadn't been so greedy and had governed well then Prachandoo sarkar wouldn't be flying business class ni.

Mahat thinks Baburam's Mustang ride is nothing but a joke while them Mao-buddies are driving around in them stolen vehicles. Tyo tuh ho... but maybe Mahat should go to Prachandoo's palace and drop his complaints there ni. Baburam dai lai matra kinnuh toki raako?

Our civil servants (them honest ones!) seem to like both our PM and FM rey. They speak Angrezi ... better than them former mantris who have visited NYC with their whole gaun! And both these men are straight-forward cowboys and don't act like clowns rey. They don't interfere with them civil servants like our Home Minister who is happy now that he and his pal, Ganesh Lama (the don from Kavre) can now make millions from them smuggling rackets.

Narayan dai will also be a Prime Minister one day.... he thinks before he speaks unlike our Prachandoo sarkar who thinks more like a stand-up comedian than a statesman.... hehe! It's about tyam them Mao-buddies and especially our chairman stop acting like they are still in the jungle (well, Delhi is also a jungle.. urban wallah ni!) and stop stealing land and asking for voluntary donations from everyone kya.

If Prachandoo sarkar abdicates and moves to Singapore (he can invest in them casinos there ni) then the Mao Inc. will finally be a mainstream musical act hola... but then of course we have Baidya aka Rambo... to deal with. He will be happy if he gets his PLA security (baroo arko 50 janna thap-dim naw) and he can go back to teaching Nepali at a local school in Rolpa ni.

Anyways, hope our PM, FM and them entourage enjoy them hot dogs and pretzels in NYC. Ground Zero tuh ghoom-nai paryo hola... ani ek dui wata Broadway show pani bhya-ye hooncha ni.

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