Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trouble at Home....

Our 'Home' ministers are a funny lot.... Krishna Sitaula was busy kissing them Mao-buddies arses. He should have gone to jail for them APC scam and fined but instead, them cops face the music while our politicians continue to have chiya-paan and share the loot.

Krishna-ji is known as the most incompetent 'Homie' ever. Tyo bhanda pahile ko tuh, we had Kamal Thapa ... our tennis champ (55+ ko) who is still running around town trying to bring back the 'Lord Vishnu' fans who have now bought them 'Lord Prachoo' t-shirts hehe!

Even our loud mouth, KP Oli used to be a Homie once... and he still gets free gaddi and security .. kya mazza!

Anyways, Krishna dai pachi ... came our own yoga guru, Bam Dev who decided that all them restaurants should close by 11pm but dance bars could open till like 1 or 2... (ajhai pahila tuh 4 bajey samma hoon-thyo rey). I think them restaurants should be allowed to open till 12am on Friday nights while them dance bars should be shut down forever.

I don't understand how they even let them 'dancing' shops to open in the first place ... kya? Yes, it would be difficult for them folks who work there but our government and them so-called Euro-wallahs should provide paisa, training ani kaam saam for them ladies instead of wasting billions of Rupees in them 'peace-building' ruh kay kay nataks kya.

Then we had Bhim Rawan..sorry.. Rawal ... who was busy doing nothing. People were getting killed in the capital.. tyo pani broad daylight ma nai.. them Indian gangsters were busy running around, shooting people but it never occured to our Bhimay that he should resign because he failed kya.

Ulto... SUV liyeruh ghar tiruh gayo moro tuh... and even now he is refusing to hand over them vehicles kya. Well, thanks to our 'neta-friendly' laws.. them Home Ministers get to keep them vehicles for 3 years rey. I think it's about tyam .... we make sure that our netas don't get away with them 'free' rides kya.

Now, we have Bijaya Guccha-dar who will do everything to stop them corruption, smuggling and sabai crime srime rey. And the first thing he has done is .... transfered them 'Home' secretary because the civil servant was not kissing Bijaya dai's arse!

Our current Home Minister is busy all day... well, his PA is. All them (corrupt) police officers from Inspectors to DIGs are busy filling up them 'deposit slips' at them banks around the valley. Abug ghoos-khori police lai ramro posting cha-hincha ani paisa pay-lee haalcha ni. Yes, it's tyam to make some moolah for our Homie. Arko election ma pasia baad-noo parey naw tuh?

Baburam dai is a good man but his party has made the deal with some of the most corrupt clowns in the history of Nepal and our Dr. Saheb ko credibility chahi abuh ghat-la jasto cha hai.

Kay garney.. sabai chor nai chor... ultai sojha haroo po joker hoonchan yo desh ma! Our PM was opposed to Bijaya dai's proposal to transfer the Home secretary, Lilamani Poudel but then Bijay dai said.. either he goes or we leave the government ani timi lai kucching!

Yes, we still have a few honest civil servants left. But either they are transfered or they quit and go trekking or on a religious pilgrimage because they just can't take it anymore. Our Home Minister thinks he can fool everyone with this natak. He tells us that he had to bring in another sarkari hakim so that the Home Ministry could maintain them peace and security and produce better results rey.

Abuh yo 'better results' bhanya chahi... Bijaya dai will do everything in his power to bring peace and security not to the people but to his pahal-waans... hehe! He personally calls them SPs in Terai not because he wants to know what's happening there ni. Whenever them SPs arrest them criminals, our Home Minister calls them up and tells them to let them chors go rey.

Ani hamro 'Home' secretary chahi... 'Naw-chod tyee bajiya haroo lai' khal-ko manchey parey cha kya. Ani kasari kura milos tuh hagi. Well, this is the tyam to have fun for our Forum-wallahs.

I guess it's their tyam and they deserve it ni.. because them pancheys had fun, so did them congressis and comrades .. abuh uni haroo ko palo ho ni loot-nay. Afno thau ma kehi garey hooncha ni... Madesh ma naya hospital, school, pool-sool, bato-ghato banau nuh... kya taal ko chan bhanya yee bewakoof haroo!

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