Thursday, September 15, 2011

3 Day Work Week....

The load shedding hours are up from 12 to 18 hours a week. Come winter, don't be surprised if we hit like 20 hours of 'switch off them lights' to save Earth campaign by our government kya. And who sets them load shedding schedule... some jotishi baba (astrologer) hola ni?

There will be 4 hours of power cut on Monday rey and then 3 hours each on Thursday and Friday ani aroo din haroo ma chahi 2 - 2 ghanta 'no' batti. Instead of screwing up our TV schedules, why not have a day with 'no batti' ani aroo din chahi batti diney ni?

Ani winter ma pani tyesai garney ... instead of 18-20 hours of load shedding per day... just shut down them grid for 4 days ani 3 din chahi 24hrs batti baal-dey hooncha. Then we can have a 3 day work week (baroo 12-14 ghanta nai kaam garney ni!) and the other four days, we can go fishing, camping, hiking or if you are like my local butcher, spend 4 days playing 'marriage' (card game).

I think we will be more productive if we follow the '3 day work week' schedule hagi. If you know that you are going to get 4 days off every week then you really don't have any excuses to bunk work or feign illness and go watch the latest Kollywood movie or something. Your boss can always say 'you have four freaking days to get wasted, so stop giving me that BS'... hehe!

And hope our civil servants will stay in their offices and do their job because they will have enough time (4 din bida harek hafta!) to kiss them netas' arses and do them chakari ni. You can work like 10-12 hours a day... for 3 days and then party sarty or work on your novel or your 'euta gamala' ko veggie garden during them off days!

And if we follow this new rule sule then offices, both government and private will open from 8am to 8pm! At least we won't have to spend hours standing in them line (for hours!) just to hand over them paper saper to some jackass behind them grilled windows kya.

Ahiley ko system chahi, 10 to 5pm bhancha... that's like 7 hours a day ... comes to like 42 hours a week. Them sarkaari chors come late ... around 11-11:30 and leave early by 3:30... that's like 4hours a day kya. And add khaja tyam syam.. 1 ghanta yeta oota, arko 1 ghanta patrika pawd-naw... these arseholes are actually working only 2 hours a day. Kya mazza hai!

3-day work week ma chahi.. they will have to work 10-12 hours a day (yes, they get afternoon siestas pani!) and they better not spend all day drinking tea and guffa-maaring like they do now. Tyeso garyo bhaney chahi... ek packet gudpak kha-nai parney rey kya.

And maybe them restaurants can open only from Fridays to Sundays (Monday chahi.... sabai Sunday ko left-overs haroo 'discount' ma bay-chay hooncha hola..hehe!) ... aroo din chahi, they can clean their kitchen, makes sure that their food stuff haroo chai stored in them clean and safe condition etiyaadi.

I think we will not only save money and time but also fuel suel, batti satti and a lot more if all them businesses, schools and everything else (except hospitals!) opened only for three days. And if them folks want to do bandh sandh then they can choose them four off-days kya. Sabai ko choot-ti hooncha and maybe they can get a lot more folks than just 4 guys walking around with bamboo sticks and dhoonga!

Well, them bandh thing has worked with only a bunch of hooligans so far but they can also get more 'contract' bandh volunteers (Rs 200 per day + meals!) because more folks will have tyam to join some rally during their off-days ni.

Anyways... load shedding is here to stay ... our government tells us that nothing will change in the next 5 years.... abuh Nepali tyam ruh guff milau-da ... that means.. we will be facing them power cuts for the next ten years kya.

Our current demand chai 900 MW something rey and supply chahi 700+... harek barsa 10% lay badi rahecha demand semand... and no new hydro projects so far.. bhaako pani Mao-buddies lay banda garcha.... why? Our comrades demanded like 70 croroes from them Indian companies kyaaruh.. ani diye-naw bhaney-ruh office nai jalai diye-chan kya.

I think the Mao Inc. should stop wasting their 'looty booty' on them stupid events and what not. Stop buying (stealing) them land sand... baroo invest in them hydro projects ... and give us some batti kya. And Prachandoo sarkar can also be the chairperson of MEAN (Maobuddy Electricity Authority Nepal) kya!.