Monday, September 26, 2011

The Home Minister....

Our 'honest' Home Minister, Bijaya Guccha-Dar promised us that he wouldn't interfere or transfer or even take bribes for them posting toasting from our senior police officers. And nobody really believed him ... hehe and we all knew that he was busy trying to figure out how to make money while he still heads the Home Ministry kya.

He transferred the honest civil servant, our Home secretary to the PM's office and brought in another guy who was willing to kiss his arse. So let the looting begin .... abuh Dashain is here and he better make some money natraw his wife, mistress and chori will not be happy with Bijaya dai ni.

30 SSPs have been transferred .... 3-4 crore tuh kama-yo hola ni hamro Bijaya dai lay, ghoo-khori lai thau ma patha-yeruh! I hear his PA is really busy these days... I think someone should teach him how to use them computer, ki chahi accounting software instead of jotting down them names and figures in his black book kya.

And another shooting in Kathamndu, feri broad daylight ma ... in front of Ghantaghar! A general secretary of some Muslim organization was shot (15 bullets) ... right in front of them MPCO (Metropolitan Police Commissioner's Office) ... lau badhai cha hamra naka-charo police haroo lai.

And our Home Minister, instead of resigning .... decides to transfer the Kathmandu Police chief. Waa rey.. abuh feri arko 50 lakh kamau arko police wallah lai yeha posting garey ruh!

Abuh SP ko kay galti.... baroo Kathmandu hare-ney AIG lai nai kaam batuh nikaal--dey hooncha ani Bijaya dai pani raaji-nama diye hoon-thyo ni. I think it's about tyam our SPs and SSPs just walk out from their jobs , ek choti sabai lay chod-ney ni.. ani Home Minister ko taalu ma aloo faley ko hare-nay ni!

Former Energy Minister, Gokarna Bista is planning to write a book rey. He was offered 14 crores from some guy who wanted to head the NEA (No Electricity Authority) rey. NEA loses billions of Rupees every year... and every winter, they promise us that load shedding hours will not be more than 12 hours a day. Ani when winter comes, kay kay excuse dekhau-dai .. .them chors increase them no-batti tyam to 18 hours a day!

Bista could have been richer by 7 crores... 50% tuh party lai bujhau-ney chalan cha kya Nepali politics ma..hehe! But he refused rey... and he had to take a cab home after his job as a mantri was over... ani ghar ma po ulto taxi bhada magyo rey!

Our current Health Minister is threatening to take actions against them doctors and health assistants who refuse to go to them rural areas. Bhannaw khojya chai.. if you want to stay in the city then better give my PA ek-dui lakhs rupaiya nai toh meh tumko Rolpa ya Dolpa bhejoonga!

Let's get back to our Home Minister hai. Bijaya dai has like two months left.. so he needs to make as much as he can... I think he should ask his PA to go to the Police HQ and maybe send them love letters to all them police personnel from them constables to all them DIGs!

He is still cursing his luck.. if he had become a Homie when it was tyam for a new IGP then he would have made 7-8 crores by appointing the guy who bids the highest ni. The current IGP was actually a senior to former IGP Ramu Thakuri! But Ramu dai and his byapari friends had the dough to make tyeti bela ko Homie happy ni. Poor Ramu.. paid 7 crores for the top job but had to leave early because of them APC scam ni.

Nepal ma kay bhancha, niddhar ma lekhey ko... our current IGP is a lucky man. He didn't have to pay off anybody to be the IGP. Lastuh ma IGP hoonuh nai lekhya rahecha ni. I think our current IGP should stand up to our chor Home Minister. Baroo jagir gaye jancha.... ek dui laathi afnai mantri lai thokay hoon-thyo ni! Ani thik thau ma aucha ki yee hamra chor neta haroo?

If every cop in the nation sends our Home Minister, a Dashain gift voucher then he would really enjoy Dashain hola ni. He should be able to get like 9-10 croroes if he can ask each police wallahs, both Nepal Police and the APFs to send Rs 1,000 each kya!

Since our Home Minister is also good friends with all them smugglers and criminals... it would be much easier for him if his PA created a Facebook page of our Homie and maybe asked them gangsters to like his fan page ni. And he can send them a private message asking for voluntary donations to his 'Help Bijaya make Crores' fund ... ki kaso?

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