Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wikileaks again....

Them Amrikis love to write them love letters back to their bosses and thanks to Wikileaks, we get to read them as well. Nothing new , no BMC masala ... same old BS nai rahecha taruh pani kuirey haroo lai pani koora kaat-naw tuh khoob auney rahecha ni..hehe!

Them US Embassy wallahs really hate Sujata auntie.... she became them mantri-ni only because of her daddy rey. I think them Amrikans are drinking too much Bud Light kyaaruh. Watery beers really make you piss like an elephant rey.

Sujata auntie sacrificed her beer-drinking festivals in Germany and came to Nepal so that she could start drinking whiskey ni. If she had stayed with her German hubby, she would now be busy yodeling hola but no, she had to come back so that she could help Nepal.

Thanks to her, our NAC has no planes (one is in Israel for maintenance and the the only working one is filled with moosaz!). I think we should just load them good-paak from the New Road stores in them plane and let the moosaz have a party and die .... ki kaso!

And we have to thank her son-in-law, our 'foreign' prince for all them VoIP nataks and them Sudan scam. We should not blame her or the Bangla man... janta laa-toe, neta baa-tho bhako desh ma yestai tuh ho ni!

According to them US Embassy cables, Prachandoo sarkar visited Singapore with his best buddy, Mahara and another businessman rey. Their tickets, hotel sotel, gaadi saadi sabai paid for by a Singaporean company. I don't know what Prachandoo promised them but he sure did made it clear that he wanted 10% commission hola.

And Prachandoo doesn't trust his son, Prakash Dahal aka 'Crown Prince' because he drinks heavily rey. Well, Gyanu uncle also didn't trust his son, Paras dai because he drank heavily. Prakash-ey is now into business sleaziness... partnering with Paras dai ko brother-in-law. Baroo pahila nai milay hoon-thyo ni tuh yee dui jana chor haroo. Bekkar ma 13,000 jana marnoo tuh par-dai-naw thiyo ni!

Them Amrikis thought that UML (Unidentified Moronic Losers) would bag the most seats in them CA elections. Where did they go wrong? The Mao-buddies must have surprised the world ... except us!

They might have won like half of them due to thar-kaa-ing and goonda-gardi but people did vote for them Mao-buddies because they just wanted to give them a chance ni. Ani dekhai-halyo ni bajiya haroo lay.. chance pe dance garey-ruh!

And them Desis really liked Prachandoo rey. I guess our Emperor has forgotten them free rotis and tandoori chicken them Desis gave him while he was hiding in India. Baroo tyo Indian RAW agents haroo lai bhet-da, yeso Nepal ko good-paak liyeruh janoo ni .. hehe!

Our netas are bunch of clowns, always kissing them bideshi asses to get a few more dollars .... for themselves. No wonder them blue-plate wallahs act like they own our country... uni haroo lay jay garey pani hoonay rey. I have no idea what all them conflict resolution and peace building kuireys are doing here in Nepal... ghoom-naw aako ki kaam gar-naw aako ho yee daka haroo?

And Gyanu uncle has been saying this to all of us and to them bideshis as well. I did not sleep with that woman... ooops.. sorry, kaha batuh Billy dai aye-cha... He had nothing to do with them Royal massacre rey. 99% Nepalis believe that he and his son had something to do with it. Even my maiju in Florida is like ... 'Babu, Yes, he is the one...' hehe!

Abuh yo hallai-halla ko desh ma.... kay bhanney. I don't think Gyanu uncle did it but if only had he not been so low-vee (greedy!) and not jack up his bhatta from 10 crores to 60.. he would still be the chief guest this Sunday during them Indra Jatra ni.

Yestai ho... khoi kasley banau cha yo desh.... all them folks who came out from them homes and said 'No' to Gyanu uncle must come out again and say, 'No' to all them chors... again. Naw hami lai Raja nai chai-hin-cha naw tuh yee chor neta haroo. Maybe them Desis will take all of them and give them government villas, gaadi saadi and bhatta satta... ani hamro desh hami nai banam-naw!

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