Monday, September 12, 2011

Bank Balance

Baburam has disclosed his assets. He has only 400,000 Rupees in the bank. And sabai purkhau-li jagga chori lai diye chan. Now, let's wait for our Home Minister, Guccha-dar to disclose his sampati. Gucchey is worth like 40 crores rey. But most of it is in them Indian banks and in the name of his chori, budi, driver, cook and some guy who runs a garage in his home district...hehe!

Prachandoo ko chahi... he's worth like 400 crores rey. Paisa chahi Singapore, Malaysia ruh Thailand ko bank sank ma rakhya chan rey ..... hamro chairman saheb ley. Baburam ko paisa chahi, ali ali CA member, mantri hoo-da ko taw-lab save garey-ruh jamma garya rahechan.

Dr. Saheb is already saving us a few Rupees. Them former prime-monsters were busy flying to them districts, attending them party functions at our expense but Babu will not bill the state for them 'party' events rey. His own party will foot the bill ... but of course, lastuh ma paisa tuh feri janta ko nai ho ni extort garney hamra comrades haroo lay...hehe!

All them chor-netas think Baburam is only doing all them nataks to gain popularity. It's them little things that count ni.... he has already saved us more than a crore by driving around in them Mustang. The army chief has a Merc while our Prime Minister is happy with 'assembled in Nepal' vehicle. I think our chief saheb should be driving around in them 'Maruti' jeep gifted by them Desis ni.

Baburam recently announced them roj-gaari plan for 50,000 folks. Well, during his stint as our Finance Minister, he had announced free loans (2 lakhs) to them young folks as well but I don't know what happened. I guess most of it went to their own cadres hola.

We have a milk shortage now ... baroo, them 50,000 lai training sraining diyeruh, dairy farmers banau-ney ki? Every year, them Desis who work at them soon-chadi (jewelry) stores send billions of Rupees back home rey. It's the same with construction and juice stores, paani puri and chana-chut pawt wallahs as well.

Them Madeshi netas have done nothing for them lads or lasses from Madesh. Few Madeshi crooks have made billions of Rupees while them young men and women from Terai are selling their baba ko jagga sagga so that they can make a few Dinars more in them foreign lands.

And how come all them barbers in Nepal are Indians kya? Hami Nepali lai ek choti bidhesh janai parcha kya natraw gaun ma laaz hooncha rey. Have you tried looking for a plumber or an electrician? It's very hard to find them kya... abuh arko 5 years ma tuh, Nepal ma sabai kaam garney hamra Desi bhai haroo matraw hooncha jasto cha!

I am seriously thinking of going to them vocational schools and learn some new skills. Ghar ko dhoka, bathroom, batti afai lay banau-naw sik-noo parcha kya!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of young folks leave the country to dig them ditches or work in them deserts in them Middle East. And their pay sucks... like less than 10,000 Rupees a month. And them manpower agencies make like 1,000 crores a year from them processing fee etiyadi. Our netas don't complain because they do get their cut from them dalals ni.

Baburam can be our FDR hola. What we need right now is them bato-ghato. Baroo, sabai gaun samma bato ghato purai dim... maybe we can put our young folks to work on them projects ... 5-10 barsa laagi halcha... at least afnai desh ma kaam garnaw tuh paucha ni!

It's about tyam our Mao Inc. stop extorting and start investing their loot in them development projects kya. Forget Lumbini... baroo afai lay hydrpower projects ma invest garey hooncha ni.

Now, we hear that our Mao-buddies will return all them property seized by their comrades. This is like the fourth tyam that they have promised to give back them land sand... but will them sukumbasis who have captured all them jagga just give it up and move to Bagmati and build more huts?

Mohan Baidya will now get another excuse to do a masal joo-loos and shut down the country..hehe! Talking about them shutdowns.... Tarun Dal (Congressi ko youth wing) shut down Chitwan today because them Police arrested them Congressi goondas who had shot and killed them Eh-Maley goondas.

Ani tyo bhanda pahile chahi.. them Eh-Maleys shut down Chitwan to protest the death of their cadre kyaaruh. Yestai ho... goonda haroo ko raj... abuh janta kahiley uth-nay? Why can't these fools shut down them cities on Saturdays kya? If they are not happy with the police then shut down the police station ni... hoinuh ruh?

Khoi .. kay bhanney.... NepalUnites should print another set of T-shirts hola. Just hanging out with our PM and smiling won't do much kya. Rabindra Mishra and his friends should now come up with another slogan hola... 'Bandh Garney Goonda lai New Road ko Good-Paak' ... hehe!

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