Sunday, September 11, 2011


A few years ago, them Newars of Kathmandu went on a buffalo-rampage because then Finance Minister, Baburamji decided to cut them funding sunding for them religious festivals kya. And when our 'Indra Jatra' organizers found out that they were going to get fewer buffaloes .... they went on a rampage, burning them tyres and what not.

Actually, Baburam was right ni.... if we are them 'secular' nation then we can't be funding every religion ko festival etiyaadi... but I guess them 'Newar' Festivals are special .... because it started from them Malla kings and nobody really stopped the party ni.

And them 'guthi' wallahs should not always ask for them funds from the government ni. Baroo... ask all them Newars in the valley to pitch in. Maybe, instead of them 108 buffaloes and goats, they can get like 1,000 more and instead of killing them animals... baroo sabai lai free ma good-paak khua-ney ki... hehe!

Now, Baburam dai is our PM and hope he has learnt a thing or two about them Newars of the valley. He should know better ni.. he is married to one... hehe! Anyways, Indra Jatra is not only big for them Newars but also for our Raja-badis.

This day, more than 242 years ago... them Gorkhalis invaded Kathmandu when them Newars were busy partying kyaaruh. Ani until we finally became a republic (rip-off-the-public!)... our chief guest used to be Lord Vishnu. Nowadays, Lord Rama (Yadav) gets to stop them traffic and attend them religious festivals kyaaruh!

Ani saat samundar paari chahi... them Amrikans remember them folks who died during them 9/11 attacks, ten years ago! Before 9/11... getting on them planes slanes in Amrika used to be fun... just like getting on them local buses here in Kathmandu kya.

Then stupid Binny Laden and his chamchas decided to do their crazy nataks. Tyes pachi tuh ... you had to take off them shoes and what not. Pahila tuh, plane ko dhoka samma nai jaa-naw pau-thyo ni.. saathi bhai haroo pani... tyes pachi tuh check-in pachi nai 'no entry' kya.

It was not only them Amrikans but also many foreigners who died that day... I was busy driving to San Francisco .... and only found out about 9/11, a day later when I stopped for gas and coffee at Reno, Nevada. I was probably the last person on earth to find out what had happened kya.

Today, the Amrikans remember their loved ones... and I guess them Newars should also light a candle and remember them days before the Gorkhalis came to town and nothing has gone right since then!

PN Shah did what he had to do... but from then on , it was only them 5 'warrior caste' families sharing the power and the loot while them Shah-wallahs became them puppets kya. Then came along, Jangey dai... he decided to get rid of them other players but kasto sad story... his family got wiped out or kicked out of the country by his own brothers kya.

Then, we had our 'Shumshers' having all the fun. The Pancheys managed to loot some more and then Girija and co. lay tuh bar-baat nai garyo. Now, it's tyam for our Mao-buddies and Madhesi netas to be our new 'Shree Tin Maharajas' ... ani tyes pachi kasko palo ho kunni?

Anyways, Happy Indra Jatra and our prayers for them 9/11 victims and their families. Hope Obama will be able to wrap things up in Iraq and Afghanistan. And hope Baburam will wrap up this CA natak as well.

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