Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rambo is back....

Mohan Baidya is a grumpy old man. He never smiles , it must be his prostate or something but this guy is never happy...hehe! Baidya was once a 'Nepali' teacher and the team captain of them Masal-eys but then he got demoted and Prachandoo got to be the hero-hiralal kya.

Baidya is old school and when the Mao-buddies were planning to sign them deal seal with our morons (the other seven stooges!), our grumpy old man was arrested in India and he has never been happy ever since.

Baidya is also known as 'Rambo' within his circle because he may look like a chicken and speak like one but he really gets pumped up and advocates the takeover of the state by force and going to war against India as well.

Baidya thinks he can fight them Desis all by himself. He's the same guy who defined and advocated 'Prachandpath' and helped our chairman be a Nepali 'Kimmy dai' (like that North Korean clown!). Today, Prachandoo has them money and muscles and Baidya has no one.

We have to give it up for them Mao-buddies... they must have been them theater actors in their previous lives hai.... my local tole's poet laureate tells me that this is all natak satak. Prachandoo and gang are good at keeping all of us guessing... are they really fighting with each other or have they been taking classes at the Actor's Studio all this tyam kya?

Prachandoo and Baburam are now on the same page while Baidya is now busy doing them chakka-jaams and masalaey jool-loos because he's not happy with handing them keys to them special committee rey.

Our Mao-buddies want 10 lakhs for each of them combatants who won't be joining them army sarmy. There are 19,000+ PLA soldiers. 7-8,000 will be guarding Prachandoo once they join the Nepal Army kyaaruh.

Let's do the math here. We are left with 11,000+ PLA folks who want 10 lakhs to go away. We need 1,100 crores. Prachandoo will probably be the richest alumni from Rampur Agriculture Campus hola. That's like 150 million US$ and he will probably give each soldier like 1 lakhs and pocket the rest... so he will still be left with 135 million dollars!

Ye.. sorry, today is Rambo dai ko din kyaaruh... let's get back to Baidya. Baidya is known as 'hard-core' kick-them-asses Mao-baddie. But he doesn't have them money or muscles ni.. sabai Prachandoo sarkar ko haat ma cha and BRB is worried now because the chairman likes to switch sides and play one group against the other.

The Madeshi netas have got them lucrative ministries but not all of them are happy.. abuh sabai lai khoosi paar-naw tuh ... he might have to create like 40 more new ministries and make every one of them mantri santri ni.

So far, Prachandoo is behind BRB and hope our Dr. Saheb can wrap things up in the next 80+ days... if not ... partynepal can organize their next party right next to BICC and maybe Baidya can enthrall us all with his 'fire-dance' or something.

Sometimes, I feel sorry for Baidya. He is a true communist. He wants to hang all them ghoos-khoris and establish a red state. I don't want Nepal to be like North Korea but would like to see them corrupt chors face the music ni.

Prachandoo is a capitalist pig , prancing around in them 'red' t-shirt and making deals with everyone from them Rajabadis to all them morons and foreign aliens while his chamchas close down them industries, schools and what not. Baroo.... capitalist party nai kholya bhaye hoonthyo ni... 13,000+ folks wouldn't have to die for nothing!

BRB knows that we can't get things done unless we get everyone on the same page even if we don't like them, be it them morons (aroo netas) or them dumpling and dosa gangs across them borders!

The Mao Inc. is a very rich corporation. I think they should just give them Eh-Maleys and Congressi netas 50 croroes each (4-5 jana tuh ho ni, tyee thula chor haroo!) and get them to say 'Yes' kya.

Lastuh ma gayeruh, desh kai dhukuti lootnay, janta lai dhookaw-diney bahek aroo kehi naw-garney bhaye yee mora haroo lay. Joon Jogi aye pani paisa chor-nay kya!

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